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Tried checking this site on my new Android I phone dooberry...its hopeless, is there a c++.com app?

So I couldn't press any of the right buttons up close and read and write things properly, i like this place more than facebook but I got a facebook app, wheres my c++.com app allready whats taking you all so long??
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You're a programmer, make one yourself.
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I have been wanting a c++.com app too. It is hopeless to check it on a phone.
oh yeh cos you cant search c++.com app, that doesnt help, I know enough java, i just have to study a little bit of the android :D
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We need an app for iOS too. I have an iPad and an iPhone. I had an Android tablet, but I sold it to buy VS Pro. I started learning Objective-C to program for iOS, but that went down the drain.
I tried http://m.cplusplus.com/forum/ once but found it worse than http://www.cplusplus.com/forum/ on my S3.

hrmm, i will see how facebook overcame problems and see what I could do, I think you just want a list of forums then a list of threads, I like making things super simple and with a black backround with green writing so normal people fink im morpheus, that and its all you really need.
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I get on here all the time with my phone... Had an iPhone 4 for 2 years, and now have a Droid Mini. Both have worked just fine on here.

Devon, I'm actually currently learning how to use the Android SDK. If you want to spend some time and get the hang of it, we could see about making an app together :O
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I have used the Android SDK some.
@devonrevege: you are probably using the default phone browser. Have you tried opera mini?
:D yeah thats amazing ... cool, im coming to terms with android programming language and all its unusual extra bits but havent been of mind to concentrate recently, i will learn harder.
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I have a very very cheap phone, it's some Samsung thing (not the galaxy, I mean CHEAP) and I use the default browser to get on here all the time, at one point I thought my phone wouldn't let me sign in but it turns out I was just using the wrong credentials. I mean it starts out full size on my phone, but I zoom in a bit and it works just fine.
I wonder how much you can reset the software on your phone anyway, I mean you could technically keep most of the basic functions and somehow build your own unique OS with your own 8 bit version of angry birds
Oh man java with xml on android is weird, I dont yet see why fings is logical
Heh it takes some getting used to. It's pretty nice once you get the hang of it though.
yep I got over that bump, now I will have to remember java sockets and apply that to android, and I think I might learn regex tooh
Why don't we take this chance and try to make one ourselves? I completed a mobile dev couse some months ago and I could use a project to put in my CV.
yeah still learning though, i have completely forgotten the use and concept of enumerators, I have been doing maths instead of programming recently and all the programming is no longer in my head
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