Diagram Program

Hey guys, is there any program for drawing diagrams for free?
By "Diagrams" are you talking about UML class diagrams, sequence diagrams, use case diagrams, etc?

yes I am talking about UML. Isnt there any program which you prefer in that list?
I usually use violet UML. As far as I remember it is on source forge.
The two I've used most recently from the list Stewbond posted are:

Dia, which is a Visio-like application, where you assemble the diagram from stock bits and pieces.

PlantUML, which generates documents from textual definititons, e.g.

<!-- PlantUML -->
Alice -> Bob: Authentication Request1
Bob --> Alice: Authentication Response

(*) -up-> "First Activity"
-right-> "Second Activity"
--> "Third Activity"
-left-> (*)

(nicked from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PlantUML )

PlantUML can even be used with Doxygen.

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Best choices for me would be a whiteboard or just generating the UML from VS2012.
Lucidchart. It's amazing. Get the "pro" version for free if your student, but the free version is still great.
I am at high school is it count :D
I used astah at school. That worked pretty well and could code your framework for you when you were done.
astah is paid I will try Lucidchart. Thanks guys.
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