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Do you own one? If so what do you do with it?
Yes, and I haven't done anything with it yet but I wanted to make a project out of it. I just haven't got around to it yet. There are a lot of really cool things people have done with them like make super computers and hand held gaming systems. Check out these links:

I know you can do this with them:

1. Super Computer: Requires 2 pis, upgradeable to infinite pis

2. Android: Requires 1 pi

3. Pocket Computer: Requires 1 pi

4. Personal Dropbox: Requires 1 pi

5. Minecraft Server: Requires 1 pi

6. Super Nintendo Pi: Requires 1 pi

8. Quadrotor Pi: Requires 1 pi
You can do ANYTHING you want with it. Except maybe digest your food for you. Well you probably could but it'd be painful to get inside of you after you tweak it.
I want a cluster of them for a pet project neural net.
I wanted to monitor network trafic and learned to use linux and mess around with it as though it was a server, it looks like its going to be used with an arduino soon because I ordered loads of bits, its going to run a sentry gun to get pigions of the balcony.

It mugt be web operatable too, I will send you guys the link to pidgin cannon first if you like.
I have a cheap USB DVB-T dongle hooked up to one of mine to do some investigation into remote Software Defined Radio (SDR).
I want to hook it up to an RC aircraft I'm planning. It's pretty heavy though, so I don't know about it.
@Lumpkin What would it do while it was hooked up to the aircraft?
Temperatures and video. I'll probably use a cheap webcam, I'm not going to risk a good one especially flying at skies in NY.

I'm trying to find a motor strong enough to hold it, and a strong aircraft frame. I don't want to waste ~50 dollars if it falls apart.
Why not make a weather balloon (wanna be satellite).
Can weather balloons be equipped with a BB gun? I don't think so. :P

(Well they could, but what if it gets shot down?)

I want to set up a dirt runway in my backyard and watch footage from a TV if my electronic/programming skill is good enough. Devon showed me a cool tutorial on radios, maybe I can hook a camera and send video instead of sound.

I have to design it to be efficient, I actually built a plane in tech class, maybe I can copy something.

(Not to derail this or anything)
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I have 2, I intended to use them as a uPnP DLNA client (media client) with raspBMC for my TV. raspBMC is a port of XBMC (XBox Media Center).

Un fortunately, both have an issue with the 25 GHz, crystal oscillator which I managed to get working for a few minutes on each by sticking the PI in the freezer and tapping on the oscillator. But it died shortly after that.

Tempted to get a third because it's unlikely I'd have the problem 3 times in a row.
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The raspberry pi is built for 1 ghz at max not 25 though.
I believe it is a 25 MHz crystal.

If you feel brave, try touching up the solder on the crystal.
What is the purpose of a 25 MHz processor? I thought the raspberry pi ran at 700 mhz.
What is the purpose of a 25 MHz processor?
25 MHz crystal. It produces a stable reference frequency for the CPU to use.

I've been meaning to use mine for audio multiplexing but I never got around to it, plus a change of circumstances has negated the problem that I was trying to solve; namely, I had a PC and Xbox that both produce audio but only one set of speakers.
Whoops, that was the 25 MHz (not GHz) oscillator. That's the one used for the Ethernet and USB controllers. X1 in this schematic:

It meant no mouse/keyboard and no ethernet. Though the bootup worked just fine!
I haven't done this but I know how to set up a raspberry pi that has:

| a led light with 3 colors for come in, don't come in and knock
| a camera so you can see who is at your door

while being wirelessly connected to a touch screen and wireless keyboard on a portable battery.
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