What do you use dual boot for?

I recently started dual booting Linux Mint and Windows 8. I've always heard Linux is great for development. If you dual boot, which operating systems do you use and what do you do on each OS?
All software works on Windows.
All libraries compile on Linux.
You must use magic to contradict these statements.

...or that's what it feels like whenever I to to get anything done.
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I used Dualboot to sample other OSs before trying them out. At one point I had Win 7, Win 8 Beta, Mint, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian.

The thing is... 95% of my time was spent in my default OS (Win 7) and I really wasn't getting any better at Linux.

Eventually, I deleted all but Mint and now I'm single-booting. If I need another OS for something now, I'll run it in a VM.

I think the most common use of dual-boot is people who have MacOS and want to play games in Windows.
I use Windows 7 x64 but for security analysis I use BackTrack 5 R3.
Normally, VMWare is better (in my eyes) mostly because it has so many features such as Snapshot, other unique features which not only makes Development simpler but for Testing, it eases by debugging.
All in all, VMWare is better than dual-booting.
@L B - Some magic:

MacOS specific software won't work on Windows.
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I dual boot with Linux Mint 15 and Window 7 mainly for programming purposes. I prefer Linux for C++ development and use Windows 7 and Visual Studio for C# and Python development.

If I am not programming I am usually in windows though.

Just try to get the universe's best media player working on Windows.
I dualboot Fedora 19 and Windows 7. Majority of the time I'm on Fedora. There's not any Windows-only software that I use. I don't play video games (partly because my graphics card is total crap). Linux is just easier for me at this point.
I forgot to answer the OP's question.

I dual-boot because I play video games on Windows but I don't like programming on Windows, so I use Linux for that instead. Sometimes I also use Linux for general browsing because it has better media players, like banshee.

Having said that, it doesn't work on Arch Linux either at the moment, though that may just be a problem with my setup.
I do play games, but I don't have windows any-more. I've found that Wine works really well for anything that is windows-specific. I haven't tried too many graphics intensive games, but I play a lot of Diablo 3 with Wine.
What I don't like about VMware is I don't think my computer has enough ram to support two operating systems at once.
I'm zapping this thread back because I just found another reason for dual-booting.

I run Mint with the Cinnamon DE by default. When I want to use 3 monitors I switch to MATE and restart X. When I want to program, I switch to xmonad and restart X. The other day I wanted to try wm-i3 instead of xmonad. When I installed it (apt-get install wmi3) MATE was un-installed! I like wmi3, but can't figure out how to have it installed at the same time as MATE. Therefore I'm going to dual-boot with ArchLinux/wmi3.
Toad you can assign how much ram you want the OS to have.
@Stewbond, I believe there is a flag to apt-get that will not uninstall other packages.

@Lumpkin, if he's constrained on ram (Windows 7 takes damn near 2GB), then running a VM with < 1GB of ram can be very frustrating. Virtualization has taken great strides, but it's not perfect.
@chrisname: There's a windows option: http://banshee.fm/download/
@Superdude The windows version is 2.4.0 while current is 2.6.1.
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guys... Duel Boot!!!!
guys... Duel Boot!!!!

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