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chrisname wrote:
What are ".oi" and the other .xx abbreviations that you use?
I would like to know this too...
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So you're giving us links to Lojban but you're also preaching against Lojban design.
> you're also preaching against Lojban design.
¿Am I? ¿where?
@computerquip: I don't remember any such incidents?
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Towards the bottom, it explains about plurals. You explained that plurals are useful and required in a given context. Lojban, however, is designed to do otherwise in a more logical manner to explain a group of something which is explained at the bottom of that link.
well, that was a nice discussion about lojban that I didn't really need to hear... ^^

Anyways, getting close to 1.11 release. Lots of additions to the function library, reformatted it to a nicer, consistent style. Fixed the malfunctioning program title function, and added a nice function to push back function pointers.

Lots of great new functions especially this time.

Ne555, I finally thought of a good way to pass pointers instead of ID strings, but I wont be implementing it until 1.12 at the earliest. It may be too ugly for realistic use, but I think it would be worthwhile as a bit of experimentation.
Okay, Github repo is now up:

Most of the recent changes are there already, but the documentation has not been updated yet. Will get on that soon hopefully.
I like the name change, I think it suits it better.
lol, thanks, I think...
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