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So I have always been in love with computer hardware and always love talking about it. SO was curious what kind of computer builds everyone here has and what kind of setups they have also. Doesn't matter if you have just a little setup or big one I am just curious what everyone has and just love to talk about computer hardware :).

So feel free to share what you have, post pictures of them, or just talk about hardware.

Since I created the topic I guess I should go first. This setup took me about 3 years to save for and it is just about done (Just have to get something to mount the middle monitor then saving for a little 32 - 40 inch LCD TV to mount above the monitors). I admit I went a bit overboard on it but I have always wanted my dream setup ever since I was a little kid and now I am fortunate enough to have a good job that can pay for it.

Anyways I will just list what I have and post some pictures that I have of them.

Here is the pictures -

CPU - Intel i7 3770k
RAM - 32GB (4x 8GB sticks) 1866
GPU - Gigabyte GeForce 680 2GB
PSU - Corsair AX1200 1200w
SSD - OCZ Agility 128GB
HHD - Seagate 1TB 7200rpm
CPU Watercooler - Corsair H60

Left Monitor - 27 inch Acer
Middle Monitor - 27 inch Asus
Right Monitor - 27 inch Acer

Mouse - Razer Naga
Keyboard - Razer Deathstalker ultimate

And some other things in the photos

Laptop - Lenovo X1`Carbon
NAS - Netgear ReadyNAS Pro 2 with a 3GB NAS HD in it.
Router - Netgear R6300 Dual Band Gigabit

And I believe that is about it.

Anyways I am curious what everyone else is using for a setup so feel free to post with your specs, pictures, or even just to chat about computer hardware (My friends have banned me from talking about it :(.
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I built PC :D

CPU - AMD FX Quad core overclocked to 4.3 GHz
GPU - ATI Radeon HD5450 1GB
PSU - Dunno, came with case
SSD - none, can't afford it
HDD - Seagate 1TB 7200rpm (I trust yours is TB and not GB)
Just fans and no Watercooler

(BTW, you have seriously powerful Comp build)
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Has no one else built a computer? That seems unlikely.
CPU - Intel i7 2600k
RAM - 16GB (4x 4GB sticks) 1366
GPU - EVGA GeForce 580 1.5GB
PSU - Corsair AX1200 1200w
SSD - Intel 530 240gB
HDD - Western Digital Caviar Black 1.5 TB

2x23" 1080p LG monitors that I'm going to be replacing soon with some kind of IPS displays.

Mouse - Steelseries Sensei
Keyboard - Steelseries 7g Mechanical Keyboard

I also have an old Thinkpad T510 kicking around.
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I think the proper verb is "assemble" and yes, some.

Hard to remember what they actually have. I do remember, once upon a time, yanking an 486DX out of socket with a four inch nail in order to swap a motherboard (and being happy that the CPU was not soldered to board).

Codenames "zero" and "void":

A long time workhorse had rather different style:
keskiverto: Why so many HDDs? Is that a server or something?
Why not? No servers. RAID1. Besides, if connecting one drive is fun, then connecting many is more fun.
OK then. I just don't have that kind of money. (for 6 HDD which is about 600$)
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If you are going to buy an expensive case you might as well use the cable management it provides you :P.
How much of your 32 gig do you use?
My computer I got here is OLD. I am considering getting a new one, but don't have the money...

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core Processor 5200+
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT
PSU: No clue
HDD: Seagate (something or other) 2TB (I kept running out of space!)
Motherboard: Gigabyte S3 series (GA-M52S-S3P)

And still running Windows XP (with Debian dual boot)!

By the way, I do change parts of it when I get the money, which is why some of the dates for these things are very clashing.
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I just don't have that kind of money. (for 6 HDD which is about 600$)

At the size and price of today's drives. However, like NT3 implies, components can accumulate gradually over long period, and price level was a bit different before the Great Flood.
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Haha ya I know my cable management sucks just got done changing out the PSU and at the time was rushed putting it in so just decide to zip tie it up until I had more time to work on it. So one of these days I am planning on cleaning it up.

Though I wouldn't really recommend my case for it's cable management. The back panel where all the cables are hidden is a pain in the butt to get off and doesn't provide enough room for thick cables like I have. Though everything else in the case I love specially the Hotswap drive bays and it has great air flow.
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Ooo, I haven't shown off my PC yet.

CPU: AMD FX-8350 @ stock 4.0Ghz
RAM: 32gB @ 1866Mhz (don't have timings but slightly overclocked in SMP profile)
GPU: EVGA SuperClocked GTX 680
PSU: Some 800W semi-modular PSU... awesome for cable management
HDD: I have two, I have another two that I just ordered, notably a 256gB Intel SSD
Motherboard: M5A97 EVO (the older version that's no longer produced)

I'll post pictures later, the cable management is done quite well thanks to my CoolerMaster case. Only thing I'd like to do next is upgrade the motherboard (whenever AMD perhaps gains PCIe 3.0 capable chips...) and create a custom water-cool system. The H30 and similar haven't shown results that can compete against a custom system, even against decent CPU fans... but I plan on cooling my GPU and motherboard as well.
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The H30 and similar haven't shown results that can compete against a custom system, even against decent CPU fans... but I plan on cooling my GPU and motherboard as well.

I am not to familiar with custom water coolers but from my experience with my H60 it does a great job at keeping my temps down. And is running much lower then with a aftermarket CPU fan/heatsink.

I might try out the custom watercooler though cause that sounds quite fun and I like the idea behind cooling the GPU and CPU with one cooler.

I just recently got a watercooler for my GPU ( ) but haven't been able to put it on yet since there was a stripped screw on my GPU casing so have to figure a way to get it off since EVGA doesn't wanna do anything about it.

I am just hoping when I do put it on that it doesn't damage the air flow to much since it will have to replace another one of the case fans.

GPU: EVGA SuperClocked GTX 680

Are you overclocking it by any chance? If so what settings do you have it at?
Anyone have a spare crappy graphics card they wanna give me? Wanna hook up all 4 monitors but can't with my current setup.
@computerquip: You have the same MB as me, but mine is newer version. :D We might even have same CPU as I have FX as well. I think mine is the 4100 tho.
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Zereo, I guess I lied... I thought I had the superclocked version but I guess I don't. This is what I have:
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Ya thats the same one I got both are able to be overclocked. EVGA's can use EVGA Precision X to do it.
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Zereo, since I use Linux exclusively, I actually don't feel comfortable with overclocking. There's the nvclock tool that I can use but I simply don't feel like risking it or lowering my cards life. I expect this to last me until at least 2015 (hopefully when the GTX 8xx series is out since I buy a new card every other new series).
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