Web Page Directory?

Hi, I was just doing some homework on C++, totally unrelated stuff to what I'm about to talk about when I went on one of my old school sites to look at the solution my teacher posted on an old homework. He didn't have a link to it but I cleverly typed in www.____.edu/(homework1) and it popped up. And then it occured to me, is there a possible way to determine all possible links from a host site, like i know the host site www.youtube.com, and when you watch a video, it generates a specific link. Is it possible to find all the www.youtube.com/_____'s?
Well............. Yes and no (as far as I know).
One example of a software that does something similar to what you're referring to is "Xenu's Link Sleuth", which can check links and sub-links of resources on webpages to see if they exist or are broken.
At Google search textbox just type:

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