Car Problems (Car Solutions?)

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I just totaled my car. Kinda of a big deal given that it was legally my fault and I don't have full-coverage (only liability). So, my best option right now is to just scrap the damn thing and buy a new one (completely out of pocket sadly...).

Any ideas as to my next car? I only drive by myself and maybe one other. Not sure about brand, what type (truck, sedan, coupe, etc.), or even cost (probably afford most low-mid range with reasonable payments).
WOOPS don't do that again. Get a car that doesn't use too much gas (light, small engine) and then it won't hurt your pocket as much.
get a motorcycle
It depends how large your family is.
get a motorcycle

Worst advice ever.
What country do you live in?
If you live in a country that doesn't have cold winters then consider buying a car that runs on diesel. Diesel engines use less fuel than gasoline engines but are harder to start in cold weather ( -20°C or lower).
compressed natural gas is also a cheaper alternative to gasoline.

I have a 2003 ford focus 1.8l diesel and and I like it.
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I live in southern US... I'm lucky if it gets below freezing. However, diesel has been expensive for awhile now, often $0.50 higher than regular. Not that big of a deal if I actually do save on gas though.
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I live in southern US...

Me too. Get something with a functional air conditioner. :)

Sounds like you don't need anything too big, which is good if you're looking for good fuel economy. Try to find a used compact or mid-size sedan. If you can buy your car from a little old lady who only ever used it to go to the grocery store and church, that's probably a good find. Good luck!
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I live in southern US...

Me as well. Definitely don't get a motorcycle. It really depends on what you would use it most for.
Motorcycles are great as a second vehicle. Can save a ton on gas for ~half the year in a lot of places.

Definitely wouldn't have a motorcycle as your primary mode of travel though. One bad day of rain and you're SOL :)
You couldn't pay me to get on a motorcycle. The risk is not worth the few dollars you save on gas.
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Well, the highway I had the wreck on is especially dangerous. While the wreck was my fault, it was because of sudden traffic in front of that car in which they also had to make a sudden stop. I just didn't pump my brakes nor did I see that their car was completely stopped.

Either way, people are constantly cutting other people off. If you get too close to their car, it's regular for them to stop in the middle of the highway to cause an accident which would legally be your fault and they can claim insurance at little to no cost to them. Yeah, motorcycle is a no go.

I'm also not sure if I should go new or pre-owned.. probably pre-owned but don't know if a new car is actually worth the benefit.
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