Attach an Image to Forum Post?

Is there a way to attach an image to a post in these forums?

I had created a nice small PNG to show a screenshot of something, and was all ready to include it with one of my posts.

However, I don't see an option for attaching an image to a post.

Is it possible?

Just use a free image hoster liker Imgur and put the link in the post content.
Ehm, where did the wishlist go?
It won't happen. I'm pretty sure I remember twicker objecting to such stuff as it can be very easily abused. Many forum members agree. (I'm one of them.)
I also agree.
I am skilled at HTML and have tried to put a pic in here but the darn thing keeps converting my code to stop me. Curses! It is folly.
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I hope twicker doesn't choose to implement image support on the forum. The lounge can be bad enough as it is now, just imagine it with photos enabled...

Anyways as Duoas pointed out most members rejected the idea to have avatars on this forum so I doubt many would like to have imaging support enabled in posts.
Just use imgur, it's free and you can easily paste or upload images and give direct links to them. I see no reason to add image/file upload support to this forum.
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