Using git with Code::Blocks

Anyone do this? Been wanting to use an IDE, but not sure how best to use it with git.

Let's say I have some base directory that's been git-initialized. This directory has the standard src, bin, res, etc. subdirectories. How would I go about making C::B create a project out of this directory, so I can see all these files and compile?

For some reason I'm having a hell of a time formulating this question, so I apologize if it makes no sense.

Using Linux
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Project->Add files recursively... (select the directory)
┬┐Am I missing something?

I suppose that you can add the *.cbp file to the version system
Wow it really is that simple. I don't know why I was thinking it would be more than that :P
NetBeans has Git support, but I don't know about its support on Linux. (If this seems off-topic, read the second sentence of the first post).
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but I don't know about its support on Linux.

do you mean git and linux? i would assume a lot since the people that made git also made the linux kernel
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I'm talking about NetBeans, I consider it obvious that git works better on Linux than Windows.
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ok i was just making sure. rereading that seems cleare. my bad
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