My Mario Game

I started work on a super mario bros. game today. Not much done yet but here is a screen shot.

I admit the graphics still need a little work. What do you think?
Yeah I would find an artist to do your graphics if that's the best you can do...
Give up, you're hopeless. How is the player even supposed to control Mario from that perspective?
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lmao i needed a chuckle
But the truth is I only wish I was that good at digital art.
I don't see the problem there, it seems awesome, did you make it?
^I hope this is sarcasm :p
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off topic, but i found this project on github (well actually it was on facebook and the author linked to the project). its called Full Screen Mario and its a very good remake of the orginal mario game. the legality of it is questionable however ;)

edit: I dont think you should pursue a carreer in grahpics design manga. i see no future for you in it. i mean i guess it could be used for a panel in xkcd but thats about it
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It's a nice pic. I like how the view point is like that of Luigi watching the whole battle. Though, the way it looks makes me think Tim Burton or American McGee got hold of Mario.
Sort of on-topic...
@DTSCode you mean the HTML5 Browser-based game?
ResidentBiscuit: That game looks awesome. When I get to my pc I think I'm going to download it, and it includes source code.
Mario meets Portal is a crossplatform game written in Love 0.8.0. I played the first level. It is available for linux, windows, and mac from what I see.


You have to have Love 0.8.0 installed to play it though.

I love that game. I played it since day 1
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@LB: yeah that one.
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