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Can anyone suggest any good universities for computer science?

I am currently in American Degree Program. I have no idea which university I should go. Please feel free to suggest universities so that I can refer to it :)
There are countless universities out there, most of them at least decent. Of course we could rattle off the top universities, but you probably know those. Just comes down to where you'll be living really.
Is there any difference in the education?
Btw the universities I am trying to look for is in USA.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology ;>
Its been debated on how much different the education actually is between ivy league and your more "normal" universities. A lot of people think going to an ivy league only gives you a better looking resume. It looks nice having that BSc from MIT, but are.MIT grads really smarter than everyone else? Not really. And most employers know this. After 5-10 years in the industry, your degree becomes mostly irrelevant anyways when finding a new job.
What about Carniege Mellon University?
@Resident Biscuit
Hey, I want to study at MIT, don't crush my dreams. I want to study in America, and thats probably the best uni for CS and CE I have heard of.
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Do a Feynman and get 100% on the entrance exam!

Its been debated on how much different the education actually is between ivy league and your more "normal" universities

I've been following best I can parts of the physics course from Stanford university. It has to be said, it has covered things that friends of mine who went to 'normal' UK universities did not touch upon at all. Advanced topics.
UC Berkley
Carnegie Mellon
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

to name a few...

As far as the difference in educational value, maybe it is not that great. However, if you are interested in research, especially graduate and post-graduate level research, it matters very much which institution you pick. When establishing new research, a lot of the funding is decided by brand name and recognition. There certainly exists a caste-system when it comes to research universities, so keep this in mind when making your choice.

There is also bias when conferences and journals review and accept research papers. Perhaps it is a dirty secret, but the bias certainly exists. Examine how much funding the CS research departments receive to help inform your choice. If money is not an issue, strongly consider those universities that put a lot of money into CS-related research.
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Thanks a lot. :)
Somewhere with an active ACM or IEEE student chapter.
MIT (I think) and Stanford (definitely) have some artificial intelligence curricula. If you want to go into game design or development USC is the school for you.
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tath wrote:
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Oh good god I am so happy I didn't get accepted to MIT. I'd be working 2 jobs as well as being a full time student in order to pay for that shit. I would literally have been killing myself. The tuition is outrageous, albeit a wonderful school and environment. But I kind of agree with ResidentBiscuit on this one.
I'm just thankful I got rejected because I would have went out of pride.
Instead I ended up at my second choice (Georgia Institute of Technology) which is a fantastic school as well, except i'm only paying about $3k/semester.. instead of $40k.
In state tuition is a godsend.

afaik GT has a pretty solid CS program. That said, their engineering programs are better.
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I'd say the college choice depends on the ultimate goals. Some jobs don't really require a college degree while others would be best to do CS or such for 4 years.
i'm only paying about $3k/semester.. instead of $40k.

I don't know about MIT, but I know that Cal Tech has about the same tuition fees, and yet I read that it is one of the cheapest in the country for students; because students that get in usually get everything paid for with scholarships. I've heard the same type of thing about Stanford as well.
From what I saw, MIT is 42k a year for tuition, and 12k for room and board.
MIT's is free for people whose parents make less than $75,000 a year.

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