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Assuming any project type, what's your language of choice? What do you feel most comfortable/find most fun to program in?
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C++ and python
Used to be python, but now it is C++
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Assuming any project type, what's your language of choice?

I've always had trouble answering these types of questions since I really don't have a "language of choice" I don't believe. I personally love all the languages that I know and realize they are each suited better for certain tasks.

What do you feel most comfortable

Would probably be C++

find most fun to program in?

Lately it has been C# though depending again on the task python can be even more fun to program in.
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Mine is Haskell lately.
C++ is the language I'm most familiar and most proficient with. I used to prefer C# for its higher-level features, but now that clang++ and libstdc++ support most of C++11, C# doesn't really have much of an edge over C++ for me any more, especially when you consider performance matters.
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i used to use php too but then i learned that i can generate cgi scripts with c++ quite easily with a lamp server so i use that so i can get more control
Object Pascal.
Machine code.

Nah, just kidding. I'd say C++. I use it a lot for my project, but I'm looking for another language such as Lua or Ruby to integrate into it. (Squirrel seems boss af tho)

Now that I found an actual decent article on integration, I may actually start now ;)

Python is fun to mess around with though.
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im going in the opposite direction actually. i try to find ways to replace languages with c++ instead of using them together

Also for certain math formula manipulations my calculator is the fastest thing I've ever tried (including mathematica).
I love different things for different tasks.

A simple test program that will give me a result that I will use (such as a program to calculate statistics or whatnot), I would use Java, as they have a huge number of classes that come with the JDK.

C++ would be for any projects where I am trying to learn about something in depth, such as how to render graphics with OpenGL or some algorithm involving KD-trees.

A scripting language such as Python is nice for simple tasks that require lots of command-line IO and string manipulation.
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C for shared code; C++ or D for non-shared code;
C++ and VB
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i thought vb was dead?
vb.NET keeps it alive.
He's obviously doing this purposely.
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