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What are your favourite code editing fonts?

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Mine is Consolas and Courier New.
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Ubuntu Mono.
Lucida Console, bold preferred.
Bitstream Vera Sans Mono.
Consolas and Ubuntu Mono.
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Dejavu Sans Mono
computerquip wrote:
Dejavu Sans Mono

Not to derail the thread, but I just think it's funny how Bitstream Vera, DejaVu and Monospace are basically the same font under different names.

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Courier New...

I'm not picky, anything monospaced is good for me.


I've been banging my head against the wall trying to figure out what this means. I guess it depends on the context, in general, but there are times when there is little or no context at all. This occurrence here is a very good example. I can't
tell whether you are being critical of others for their choices or ashamed of yourself for using such a commonplace font.
Neither, ">_>" or "<_<" is used when you're trying to convey serious silliness.


I don't know how to open this jar >_>

I'm going way too far to explain this emoticon <_<
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I'm not picky, anything monospaced is good for me.

This + the usual o O 0 1 I l L buisness. I haven't used any sort of code specific tool and thought, ugh i need to change this font.
Comic Sans.

I got my flame retardant suit ready!
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I don't know how to open this jar

have you tried installing java?
@DTSCode: Nope, I just changed the file extension to .zip and it worked.
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is that all a jar is? a zip? so its like an apk?
Try it yourself, take minecraft.jar and rename a copy of it to minercaft.zip, then extract it. It's obfuscated though, so all the classes are names like aaa, aab, aac, etc. but for a non-obfuscated jar you would actually see the real class file names. There's also image resources and sounds embedded.
Just pointing out android is kinda java.
So apk derives from jar, and jar derives from zip.
Just pointing out you can write native C++ on Android.
So sin derives from cos, and cos derives from sin.

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