C++ IDE and Compiler for Android Tablet

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Are there any IDEs and/or C++ Compilers for an Android Tablet?

If so, please tell me the name of the software, where to find it (if it is not available in the app store), and the price.

I have:
- Version 4.0.3
- 12.56 GB of free space in the Internal Memory
- 10" screen
If you pay anything more than $0, you should request a refund.
Cfordroid. I think it is 5 American.
I meant C4Droid.
I visited the website, and it looks like it might be useful.

I would rather download a free IDE and/or Compiler though. (If none are available, I can use this, but I would prefer to get an application for this free.)

Thanks toad1359.
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download blackmart.apk on your desktop/laptop then open it and download c4droid for free
That is illegal though, isn't it?
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;) rules are meant to be broken
If you want to go to jail, then yes.
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im not going to get caught. ive been doing it for years. ive learned a lot of things from my friends.
a) its only illegal if you get caught
b) just because its a law doesnt make it right
Or you can just move to China or Russia when they find you out.

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well technically he found them out and he was charged with treason or spying. i cant remember which. i saw a thing on fb that said this pretty hacker girl proposed to him.
The only reason to pay for something is to support the developers. If you want to specifically not support the developers, that's when you would pay less or none at all.
Yes but it is illegal.

DTSCode wrote:
ive learned a lot of things from my friends.
a) its only illegal if you get caught

Get some better friends then.
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Not if you have swag.

Lol but seriously it doesn't matter if it's illegal or not, people will always do as they please. It's your loss. If you feel you should pay for it then do it. If not, find something else.
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Get some better friends then.

they are amazing friends who have taught me a lot. i couldnt ask for better.

Not if you have swag

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They are immoral

laws and ethics arent the same thing.

I am backing out on this conversation.

good idea. we both probably should. no point in getting in an argument about it

If you get arrested, doesn't affect my life.

thats what you think ;)
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