PotatOS runs Linux


Is this real, or just a really good joke that didn't happen on April Fool's day? I'd love for it to be real, except...PUPPIES!? And Ponies too!?
10 bucks says my mouse STILL won't work correctly on this distro.

...also, wouldn't you always be on root with it? I got crucified last time I asked how to default to root on login.

Breaking News: http://www.bbspot.com/News/2000/9/linux_laid.html (This is the third such occurrence for Linux developers since 1991. )
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Haha, so the entire website is just jokes. Nice.
Seems like it. I mean 3 times in 23 years is really sketchy. I could see maybe 2 times, possibly.
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i dont know man... i can see three times. when the Linux was released, when apache was released, and when hmmmm... i cant think of anything else... maybe youre right

edit: i like this one: http://www.bbspot.com/News/2008/01/top-11-reasons-you-have-not-installed-linux-yet.html

edit 2: did you google linux on a potato LB?
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LOA (Linux On Anything) was the group that first installed Linux on a Shetland pony in 2003, but growing competition from other hacker groups have shut them out in the past five years.

“We were close to being the first with Linux on a cracker, but those jerks from Norway beat us out,” said Piest.

I can't wait till they get linux running on a real gnu! Imagine the POWER!!!
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