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I must say this has been a very interesting topic for me: the WOW signal.

In 1977 a very interesting signal reached the earth, it was not something of earth or human signal but something of "alien" origin. It originated from about: 1,000,000,000,000,000 * 1.17255748 km (38 Parsec), with that we can know that the supposedly alien race must have sent the signal 124 years ago, that means when humans were in the 1853 AD the signal was emitted.

The signal itself is radio signal which is not too sophisticated but sending a signal from that distance and for our radio telescopes to pick it up that too during 1977 must have mean they would have used 2.2 Gigawatt Radio Transmitter, much more powerful than any in existence even NOW.

This would mean they must have been super-advanced in sense they were at least 200-150 years in ahead of us. Not to mention they *SHOULD* be having much more advanced means of communication.

I expect the ETs to be either sending as many into space maybe with all their communication technology such as Radio and other data transfer communication. Maybe which we have not yet discovered.

What do you think is it a real ET civilization trying to specifically contact us or a ET civilization trying to contact anyone or ET civilization blowing themselves up or a astrophysical phenomena.
I think it's pretty obviously a natural phenomenon. If a species were to be so advanced as to have these kind of power transmitters at their disposal and they wanted to let the local galaxy know of their presence, why would they just do a single burst? Even we aren't dumb enough to do that...
I think that humans sent out a radio message before not so we want to contact but just for human desire to show off. what if they too did that.
Again, why a single burst? If you wanted to show off, why not more intricate bursts of radiation, rather than something that can be easily confused with background phenomena? Sounds more like a dumb move than showing off.
Well, humans did that and imagine a Alien race got the radio wave and interpreted it, they would try respond but we would never reply because of the duration of the travel period and that there is a small chance we would ever look back there for long periods.

But feel free to believe in your theory.
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Maybe they werent showing off. They could be testing for whos out there
The one issue I see with this is that radio waves are emitted in space all the time, and not necessarily by an intelligent race. Pulsars, for example, emit radio waves.
When did humans send a single burst 2.2 gigawatt radio signal out? lol

We have leaked some low energy radiation for nearly a century now, but you would need one hell of a detector to pick it up, even in relatively nearby stars.

Again, for testing who is out there. A single pulse is not a viable method. Just imagine the situation. A race more technologically advanced than ours, decides the best way to search for alien life is with one, single pulse of radiation, that looks an awful lot like it was generated naturally, rather than any kind of pattern that does not occur naturally in the environment.
prly just interference frm alien mobile not switched off
Maybe they could only emit one, last message before their destruction.
yeah maybe they discovered something they realy shouldnt have tested so close to home, like they tore apart a small bit of the universe testing a warp drive thing and boom, their star system exploded
Well, Don't you think that with all the SETI top researchers they will not know if it was a pulsar. Its unlikely it was a pulsar it is in near enough to center of the galaxy and that part is the most active part with life (Star Life).

The strange thing is that the origin of the signal was not near stars at all nor any such pulsars but rather in places between stars. It's strange such signal that too which has emitted using Hydrogen (Most abundant element in universe) that too in a single frequency rather than multiple channels. To back my point most pulsars release radio waves across large multiple channels rather than a single specific channel.
The fact it wasn't near a star is further evidence that it wasn't an alien race. Can you explain why hydrogen emitting the pulse is strange btw? Surely the most common element in the universe is not a surprise. If it was in the spectrum of something like plutonium would emit, I would be more inclined to think it was aliens, since stuff like plutonium isn't just lying around everywheres.

@devonrevenge - Do you not think warping space might take a little bit more than 2.2 gigawatts? We've already created explosions bigger than that...
Yes, but look pulsars don't just happen to signal on only 1 channel rather 100's as they are not controlled but rather natural. Next, hydrogen is used by us and using something more exotic would just be a stupid mainly because those will seem like a natural phenomena rather than of a intelligent communication.

Next, The they have checked the entire space there and found nothing NO! pulsars or any natural objects but very unnatural due to the lettering of the signal.

There were about five stars with orbiting planets that fell eerily close to the right ascension and declination of the wow signal. These are MOA-2007-BLG-192L, HD 181720, HD 181342, HD 180902, and HD 179949. The reasons these may not match exactly with the wow signal could be many things. First of all, two different frequencies were taken down for the wow signal at 1420.356 and also at 14203.4556 MHz which could mean we don’t have the exact origin of the signal pinpointed. Another theory is that intelligent aliens may have sent the signal from a satellite to avoid interference from stars or to avoid sending it through their atmosphere. Either way it could be possible that whoever sent the wow message could have come from these planets. Additionally, the planet in MOA-2007-BLG-192L is the known earth sized extrasolar planet, and the stars in the others are F and G type stars similar to the Sun. It is very possible that one of these planets are home to a form of intelligent life.

Wow Signal:
19h 22m 24.64s right ascension -27*03’ declination
19h 25m 17.01s right ascension

19h 08m 04s right ascension -27*09’ declination (earth sized planet thought to have ice) <- Highly Suspicious.

HD 181720:
19h 22m 53s right ascension -32*55’09” declination (g type star)

HD 181342:
19h 21m 04s right ascension -23*37’10” declination (f type star)

HD 180902:
19h 19m 18s right ascension -23*33’29” declination

HD 179949:
19h 15m 33s right ascension -24*10’45” declination
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Mental Gymnastics: The Thread.
Generally all space-related things are mentally intensive.
Yeah I'm not saying it's a pulsar because clearly you would be able to detect it's radio pulses... I'm thinking along the lines of something much more boring. Perhaps some coalescing hydrogen giving off some radiation. It would be a pretty small amount of hydrogen on the grand scale of the milky way. Or maybe a cloud of hydrogen was heated by a gravitational resonance, or by being lined up with the pole of a supernova and gave off it's radiation. There are all kinds of random ways hydrogen could be naturally caused to give off radiation and 2.2 gigawatts is a very very small amount in astronomical terms.

I looked up the 'highly suspicious' planet. This is quote from wiki:
The system's primary is small as well. At roughly 6% the mass of the Sun, it is probably too small to sustain fusion reactions, making it a dimly glowing brown dwarf.[4] Also, the estimated projected distance between MOA-2007-BLG-192Lb and its primary is approximately 0.62 astronomical units.[2] That means the planet probably formed with lots of ice and gases, more like Neptune

Neptune is -220C !!! MOA-2007-BLG-192Lb is definitely not a candidate for life.
You know Mats, You are a very nice member for having a good debate without becoming aggressive,lol.

The tiny planet supports a thick atmosphere, which along with possible interior heating by radioactive decay, could make the surface as balmy as that of Earth. (And theory suggests the surface may be completely covered by a deep ocean.)

So I am starting to actually believe that the WOW signal actually must have originated there or near there which is a possibility. This is almost definate that WOW! Signal must've originated from there.
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You know Mats, You are a very nice member for having a good debate without becoming aggressive,lol.
Thanks. You too. : )

In that article you linked, it still says the top of the atmosphere would be colder than that of Pluto. The fact it might have oceans of water at Earth-like temperature is pure (and I would say quite bad) conjecture. It's much more likely to have lakes of liquid methane or something else equally hostile to life considering the expected temperatures. If it were to have an atmosphere so dense and full of greenhouse gases to keep the temperature reasonable, the immense pressures of the atmosphere again would make the planet rather inhospitable. To me, it really looks like trying to find life on Neptune, Pluto or Venus.

Anyway, let's say it's best case and that it has a methane/CO2 atmosphere and is covered by a liquid ocean, heated by a (still) radioactive core. What kind of life can we expect? Obviously atmospheric and surface life is out of the question, so we would have to look to the ocean. Going off the one example we have of life - Earth - It would seem we are most likely to find extremophiles, probably in the form of microbes, living near the ocean's base. Hardly the kind of thing you would expect evolve into intelligent life.

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Lumpkin wrote:
Generally all space-related things are mentally intensive.

That's not necessarily true, nor is it what I meant by "mental gymnastics".

Mats wrote:
Neptune is -220C !!! MOA-2007-BLG-192Lb is definitely not a candidate for life.

Has anyone ever actually proven the assumption that life can only exist on planets similar to earth? Even on our own planet there are species that thrive in extremes of cold and heat and where there's little light, oxygen or water and other supposedly vital substances and conditions. The only absolute necessity is energy and even planets with no sunlight could supply geothermal energy.
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