What can i do with Objective C?

How is it different than other programming languages?
It's a general purpose language so I guess the answer to your first question would be 'anything.'

The second question maybe the answer you're looking for is that it is used to develop apps for Apple devices? This is the only place I've seen it used, though I very much doubt it's the only place.
Is it compatible with visual c++?
define compatible. do you mean like generated binaries? or in the way that python is compatible with c/c++? if it is the second, i dont think so because firstly, visual c++ is a windows c++ compiler, and obj-c is the formerly neXt-step (or whatever its called) and now apple programming language. if you were asking if you can compile obj-c with visual c++, i doubt it. i dont think there is a windows/linux port of obj-c. there is gnu-step which is a framework that lets you write obj-c code on linux, but i am not sure how well it works on windows
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