Stackless Python vs. PyPy vs. CPython

Ok guys so my question is which of these is better(faster,more powerful)? Also which one is better for game development?And can you use libraries such as Pygame and other with Stackless and PyPy?

And please post links on tutorials.Also compare these to other languages such as C++, Java, C#, etc.

P.S. When I say game development I mean mostly 3D.

Thank you!

Please don't give me hate(because it's not really about C++), I just really need this question answered.

And I apologize, English is not my native language.
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You should put this topic on the forum LOUNGE.
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I say CPython, all the others seem to not be up to date. Also, Python may not be the best for 3. It does not directly compile to machine code, and the third party compilers tend to make large slow executables. Depending on the platform you plan to release for, C++ or C# would be better
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