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I think I've made lot's of improvements to my website. Can you please check it out?
And please make an account there and start discussing in my website.
There is no benefit to your site. You have a forum that is of no use because your tutorials aren't even your own, but rather linking to another site's tutorials. There is nothing to discuss on your site because very little of the content is even yours.
I dont't know very good C++, so i couldn't make a tutorial without knowing C++ very good.
Also you spelled beginners wrong.
jasongog24 wrote:
I dont't know very good C++, so i couldn't make a tutorial without knowing C++ very good.

A good sign you need to make the site about something else if you don't know enough to write your own and instead are linking to a different site. Make it a simple site that shows your projects you are doing. If you aren't doing one, then get to working on some now. No better time than now to code something.
Also, the link for Forums at the homepage first tries to redirect to this page
and reports
while the correct URL for your forum is
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Ok now I corrected it. It is correct.
@Alkor r: The downloads are from my programs
@BHX Specter: I have another website (not yet finished). That site is for Minecraft(a game). I know you aren't intersted but here's the link.
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I'm not interested in Minecraft anymore because I've been playing since 0.7.2 and have grown bored with it. If you aren't good at C++ you need to focus on learning it rather than making a site about it. If you are interested in website development then make more fan sites for your favorite games, but it really doesn't help anyone to have a site about something you aren't good at because you could be giving them wrong information or mistating something important.
it's ALOK R, not Alokr r. correct yourself please.
And I'm not talking about any downloads.
What did you write the forums in? I am trying to make forums for my sight in webdesign class and I do not know if I have to use something like PHP or mySQL, or if I can just write it in Javascript. I've never done any web development before and I do not know the best way to make a simple forum.
Complaining about improper capitalization of one's name while failing to properly capitalize one's sentences. How droll.
The forums is just a generic one Weebly provides. From what I can tell the whole thing is a template.
sorry to bump, but @grantplusplus: phpbb is good software for writing a forum. and the linux mint forum both use it if you want to see what it looks like
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