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Can you suggest some of good compilers/editors? For the mean time, I am using the Crimson Editor and Turbo C++. I am more comfortable with Turbo C++, but need to know if there's a better one.Thanx.
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Assuming you want a free one on MS Windows.

Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition would be worth looking at.

I use it's (very) big brother Visual Studio Team System 2008 Development Edition.
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MS Visual C++ 2008 is very good. It is very easy to use and it gets fast compiles.
ok, thanx guys!
I use on windows.
I get scared with the MS word :)
i can vouch for the bloodshed compiler. it is great. my whole C++ class uses it with out any problems. but it is all up to you and your preferences.
I must say after using Dev-C++ for a number of years I found it pretty good. But it lacked alot of polish.

Now I use Eclipse + CDT and I find that to be an awesome IDE. You can also get version control plugins (CVS, SubVersion etc) to integrate with it.

I highly recommend Eclipse + CDT. Using the Mingw Compiler
I use Code::Blocks and MinGW :)
I used Bloodshed's Dev C++ forever, but now use MS VC++ 2008 Express edition. It's free, it's professional, and I got tired of the "I hate Microsoft" mindset. For god's sake, it's a windows world people! lol So I finally bit it and began to work with windows programming and tools.

VC++ 2008 Express Edition is a very intuitive IDE, and it gets the 'Matt Thumbs Up'
I use Code::Blocks and MinGW ,too. this is a very good.I much like it.
Actualy i use dev C++
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I tend to stick with my good old Delphi 5 IDE (*gasp*) to edit everything and compile most of my stuff with the GCC.

Of course, I also play around with the CodeGear C++2006 Explorer, which is pretty nice, and the MS one Grey Wolf mentioned. I understand Comeau has the nicest C++ compiler out there, but alas, I'm a poor boy.

Not to go completely off-topic (well, ok, maybe a little), have any of you ever played with Boost? Its amazing. A lot of it is going to wind-up in the STL for C++0x.

Also, have you checked out variadic templates?

That stuff is cooler than dirt. The latest GCC 4.3 alpha has language support for most everything on that page.

I use boost daily at work. Most specifically their unit testing framework, command line parser and foreach :)

Btw: Eclipse + CDT (Ganymede) + MingW 3.4.5
I'm a noob but my class uses devc++ and I have code::blocks installed on Ubuntu (linux). That guy who says it's a windows world hasn't been keeping up with the open source news and how many major organizations including the NYSE and the NAVY are switching to opensource software solutions. I would not use an IDE that is limited to one OS. BTW, I don't hate windows, I just don't have love for them like I do for linux and the open source community that is slowly but surely catching up.
I quite like NetBeans[1] as an IDE, I use it when I'm not on a windows platform.

NetBeans and Eclipse would be the top of my list for reomendations (for Free multi-platform IDEs). I have never been that impressed with Bloodshed's Dev-C++.

I'm with Grey Wolf, Netbeans is a nice IDE. However much Microsoft and Bill Gates Bloatware irritates me, they are a necessary evil and Visual Studio takes some beating.
i really like dev-c++ its free and very reliable, i actually use the 4.9.92 instead of the newest one.
Dev-C++ hasn't been updated in a few years now if I remember correctly. It'd be awesome if someone re-wrote it in C++ and it was maintained in much the same fashion Blue-J is.
I think is the latest v.
I love dev, use it, and though i am a beginner, I learned how to program with it (with the built in MinGW).
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