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What games do you play? Just wondering.
I mostly play PS3 games with my son now. I've not played a game on PC for a year or two (Guild Wars, Final Fantasy XI, Minecraft being the main ones). On PS3 he picks the games and I usually play Modern Warfare 1, Modern Warfare 2, World at War, Minecraft PS3 Edition, Borderlands, Borderlands 2, Skate, GTA IV, and GTA V (just from the top of my head). When I do play games by myself I play mainly VVVVVV, Random Heroes, Random Heroes 2, and The Sandbox on my Kindle. Otherwise I program or read.
Oh the list, oh the list. Top 12 Games that I currently play:

Star Wars Battlefront

PS Vita:
Super Crate Box

Midnight Club Dub 3

Metroid Prime
Lego Star Wars 1 and 2


Gameboy Color:
Pokemon Blue and Gold

Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green
These days?

Dark Souls

That's all. Just Dark Souls.

Greatest game series ever. Everything that's right with modern video games.

Praise the Sun!
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+1 Darks souls, been playing since their first game (Demon Souls) and I can't stop.
I agree with Dark Souls, yes, but the PC edition could have been a better port... but, aw well.

Mostly I play Civilization 5, Europa Universalis 4, Arma 3.
Big list really.
Metro series, Fallout series...
I like GTA, but unfortunately 5 hasn't come to PC yet.
I like Halo, but, alike GTA 5... no PC yet (excluding H2 & H1)

And it goes on...

Not played Dark Souls, but own Demon's Soul (though I've not played it much). I haven't played Fallout in a while, but I love GTA and Fallout (have both entire franchises). Though, I do need to get into PC gaming more again.
I just wish Demon's Souls wasn't PS3 exclusive. I need a 360 port before I can play it =(
Yeah, I know a lot of PS3 owners have said the same for Halo and Gears of War.
Yeah but the difference is that the Souls series is actually good, whereas Halo and Gears of War are just dime-a-dozen shooters.

Seriously. I'm not exaggerating... I really think the Souls series is quite possibly the best video game franchise I've ever played. Dark Souls 1 got pretty much everything right. Aside from a few physics and camera quirks, the game is masterfully flawless.

Look up online ratings. Everyone... EVERYONE gives it 9/10 or better. I can't rave about this game enough.

I freaking love this game.

Although if you're just starting with the series... start with Dark Souls 2 -- play 2 first. It's easier and does a better job of introducing you to the game mechanics. Dark Souls 1 is a better game overall, so after you finish 2, going to 1 will be a nice (and challenging) surprise. But going from 1 to 2 might make 2 seem like a disappointment.

Seriously... just watch this review:
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Dota 2 is basically all I play anymore...
Yeah, I'll have to get both of them.
A good quote from another review on YouTube for Dark Souls:

Dark Souls was a triumph, with many of us falling out of love with games... in general. Purely on the basis of other games not being Dark Souls.

Poor Skyrim that came out at around the same time was only able to keep my attention while I was going around brutally killing bards.

The first bit sums up my feelings exactly. Dark Souls is so good that is kind of ruins other games for me.

There's truth to the second bit as well. I actually loved Skyrim a lot... but when I played it I hadn't played (or even heard of) Dark Souls yet. If I had... I probably wouldn't have gotten into it. DS just puts Skyrim to complete shame.
Hopefully they aren't as repetitive as Demon's Soul was. By the time I bought it they made is so you had to do solo play. That made is so you would have to run through to the boss, teleport back to the Nexus, and repeat until you gained enough levels to solo each boss. I'll see if I can find any copies of Dark Souls in our local stores before attempting to buy them online because it is hard to explain why I'm getting Amazon boxes sent to me when I'm on a tight budget.
Yes, I got my internet back. Wife's cousin snuck an paid for our internet with, but then called telling me I had to write a program for them when they needed me to. *gulp*
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I play Watch Dogs, fifa 14 and a few other games on my PS4 but I also game a little with my PC. Like MW3, TF2 and a few others
I think Disch has sold me on Dark Souls... That might become my weekend now.
Yeah, I'll have to get them when I can. Thought I was going to get them today, but son's health has made my wife and me concerned so I will have to watch money for now. I'm still sold though and can't wait until I can get both of them to play, and I will definitely play 2 then 1.

For now, I'll just have to get back into playing Demon's Soul and see if I can get further than I did.
Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. If you like Roguelikes, I highly recommend it!
Currently playing Minecraft and Anno 1404.
Games that I play...

Battlefield 3
Team Fortress 2
PS Vita (random games)

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