How I handled a scam...

This is just kind of a story I figured I'd share. So, a couple minutes ago, some random "girl" on skype sent me a contact request. They sent me a link to some "verifiedwebcams" site and said that she'd strip in a thong for me. Being 13, I was hesitant. Then, I right clicked on the little "cam" on the site that was supposed to be her, and it said "Save Image As". It was just a GIF image! So, I told "her" that I had a school project due tomorrow and could use her help since I am home alone. I sent her a program in VBS with the looks of this:
Set wshShell = wscript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell") 
wscript.sleep 100 
wshshell.sendkeys "You are a fool." 

In case you didn't know, whenever you go to type something, all that will happen will "You are a fool" infinite times.

I said that I need to know if it works on other computers than mine. "Sure" they replied.

So, about 10 minutes later, I get a message from the person with the looks of this:
You are the biggest asshole ever. Thank you for making me restart my computer and lose a lot of progress.

There was also... a lot of language in it, but since this is a public forum, I will keep it summarized.

So... how do you guys think I handled it? I am pretty proud of myself, because most people I know (even my 17 year old brother who my parents believe is responsible) would have fallen for it and probably would have fell into this pathetic predicament.
I wouldn't have accepted a friend request if the name was something like "naughtygirl69" or something like that. Nor would I click on an arbitrary porn link. Anyways from my understanding most of them will ask you to be over 18 or ask for a credit card to "verify" you are over 18. If you are under 18 how will they make money anyways?
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I have no idea... and it is funny! The Skype name was a regular name ("Lynn"), but the username on the site was "NaughtyGirl845"!
So, I applaud you for being 3 characters off. And I never did accept the friend request. I just simply asked "Who is this" and the... I am just gonna assume it was a guy... replied with "Do you know of this chat site?"
lol sure i guess you should be applauded for not falling for a cam girl. Sounds like you're new to the internet to me lol.
All scams I get in email or other I simply direct to the FBI's Cyber crimes and wash my hands of it.

Few months back I got a random email from someone from Africa claiming they needed several thousand dollars. I sent it to the FBI's Cyber Crimes link, then replied and let them know that I had done it finishing it off with "Have a nice day!".
Well, I am rarely ever scammed... if even ever scammed... And I didn't even know the FBI had a program like that

This is an good tactic, applaud for that. Not to sound bad but if she is trying to scam you and you managed to out-smart her you should be proud of your self.

Nevertheless, being 13 I myself am not too far from the age group, I think its just our sort of behavior when faced with obvious scamming attempts like so. Its not bad nor wrong just a simple payback.

I'd like to point out even if she contacted the FBI or CIA even (lol CIA! a bit too much but still...) they would just tell her to go away seeing that this sort of incidents happen 24/7 1000+ a day. Not to mention she should be eligible for it as you have simply asked her to test it out and she should have asked and checked it.

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For being 13, that's not a bad work. To be honest, I think getting those a-holes back does more justice than reporting them to the FBI. That isn't to say that you shouldn't report them.

you are far more forgiving than I. If they had fallen for one of my programs.... well, let's just say they wouldn't be on skype for much longer.


I don't think she had any grounds to report him to the FBI. The first reason is that no matter what: never ever ever ever ever ever.... ever accept binary files from a stranger and run them on your computer. That's like the first commandment of internet usage: "never run binaries from strangers". Strangers, suspicious websites... etc...

To be honest, she/he should have seen it coming.
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I used to be SO worried about the FBI and the internet. I thought that if I went on any 18+ stuff (subreddits, iFunny, Snapchat, other things....) that some FBI agent in a suit would knock on my door and take me to prison.
Literally, I was paranoid.
Pro Tip: Use prepaid credit cards to buy things on the internet.

But yeah, that was pretty well done and I'm amazed she ran it.
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