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Small Game Company Standard Job Descriptions

Hey guys,

I've been working to restart my game coding company, but I know I'm no Eric Barone (sole creator of Stardew Valley), therefore I'm going to need skilled people to work with me. People I talk with are eager, but they know nothing as to what they can bring to a game company. Therefore, the plan is to write up each standard job positions, what they do, and what they need to know to start at entry level.

Although ... I honestly don't know it all. Is there a reference for a small game company? Has there been a one page/paragraph description for each game development piece? I'm planning to be a small game developer while having fun making games and keeping them simple.

Thank you in advance.
So I'm thinking titles for a small game company, where people can wear many hats.

Core game coder, tool coder, engine coder

Graphic Artist:
2D, 3D (if any), web page art too

Yep, the guy calling the shots, has the most to lose if game fails. Makes sure deadlines are met and is the one with the vision.

Web Dude:
PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, the rest

System Admin:
Make sure wires are plugged in

Promotions, distribution, marketing, bragging loudly at coffee shops, etc

Bookkeeper/Office Manager:
Keeps the coffee pot full. Keeps the world away from the creators. Keeps the lights on.
If you have no income it actually an illusion/delusion to hire anyone.

What you can do is hire freelancer for a certain project where you are convinced that it will generate income. What you need to avoid is generating debts.

Maybe you can ask students at a college nearby to do some art for you. I can only recommend to start as small as possible.

When your company is up and running you will actually know what people you need to continue.
Excellent advice, thank you.
Another thing to consider is hiring people on a contingency basis, a share of the possible profits instead of a steady paycheck. Unpaid internship, so to speak.

Freshly minted programmers using your project as a bullet point in their resume.
I didn't think about that, that's an excellent point!
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