done with stackOverflow's forum has and always will be my favourite programming forum,the people on here are great,friendly,helpful and no question is too small to be answered it really is a great community and I'm happy I am now approaching my third year anniversary on the forum.

I decided to ask a question or two on stack overflow testing the waters so to speak and I will never go back to that place,the people are rude,stuck up their own behinds,extremely obnoxious,perfectionists in the worst way possible and seem to abuse the powers that they have been granted.

many questions get deleted if they don't meet strict and sometimes quite a ridiculous criteria.

StackOverflow never again especially for new programmers.
CanĀ“t agree more
Agreed. It used to be a great site, but now apparently you have to be a philosophical computer scientist professor and ask a ridiculously trivial question to be answered and receive thousands of updoots.
I decided to ask a question or two on stack overflow testing the waters so to speak

Would you add an article or two to an encyclopedia to "test the waters"? SO is a database of answers, and adding a good question there requires more skill than answering one.
I haven't had problems with SO. It's not a forum so don't just ask questions on it like it is one. They want well documented questions with research and problems that can have experts answer them.
I understand that Stack Overflow has stricter criteria but it also wasn't clear to me that Stack Overflow was, as Cubbi puts it, a collected encyclopedia until about a year of using it. It wasn't until I stumbled upon an article about one user's problem with Stack Overflow that they revealed that the site is "not for beginners". I read all of the introductory material that Stack Overflow provides on how to use Stack Overflow and it wasn't clear to me that it wasn't for beginners. Especially since it seems like it is flooded with beginner type questions. That's the bone to pick I have with Stack Overflow- it did not make it clear that I was using it incorrectly.
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