So I am building a simple program to swap numbers and when I hit the build and run button I received the message "can't read file's timestamp". Can someone help me understand what a file's timestamp is and why it is preventing my code from running? The code looks like this

using namespace std;

int main()
int a,b,temp;
cout << "Enter a number";
cout<< "After swapping numbers are: ";
cout<<a<<" "<<b;

return 0;

Much thanks to those who can help.
It's not a problem with your code itself. What system are you on? What IDE are you using? Please give as much information as possible
I'm on a windows 10 and I'm using code::blocks.
Okay. I tried searching your problem.

There should be more text associated with the error.
WARNING: Can't read file's timestamp: /some/path/to/the/actual/file.cpp

Does a path show up in your warning/error message? Did you check to make sure that file actually exists?

The problem in this thread here is that some setting in the project is somehow wrong, try making a blank, new project and copying the code into it.

Also, are you using the compiler that came bundled with Code::Blocks or your own custom one?
I am using the compiler bundled with Code::Blocks.
I realized that the file path is somehow wrong and that's what it means. I didn't see more text associated with the error. I just needed to understand what the message meant. Now I know and understand that it deals with the file path. Thanks for your help I think I will be able to figure it out from here. If I have further questions I will ask.
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