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What is your prefered IDE and why?
It's the only one I use.
Eclipse + CDT.

I prefer this because it has good source control integration with SubVersion. It's also multi-platform so I use it on both Windows and Linux/Unix. Eclipse is a good platform because it can be my IDE for other languages (Java, PHP etc) as well as perform tasks like Database Design, XML Modelling etc.

I also find nothing wrong with Visual Studio, except that it won't run on Linux. I use it for C# and ASPX development.

TBH. I'd like to see Dev-C++ re-written in C++ using something like wxWidgets and made multi-platform. Then it'd be an all-round good IDE for new C++ developers. As it stands, the code-base isn't being maintained AFAIK.
I generally use Emacs. Largely because it's what I've become accustomed to over the years.

Not that I use it a whole lot while coding, but the built-in Lisp interpreter is handy to have sometimes.
I code in vim!
Delphi 5 IDE. WordStar command set. Syntax highlighting for Pascal, C, C++, and a few others (not Tcl though, alas). Pure ASCII --no dinking with Unicode stuff to write a simple compiler script. Fast.

Of course, there are some things it doesn't do that I wish it would (and some things it does that I wish it didn't). But since I can't live very long without Borland/WordStar 3, I just stick with it.

(That is, until I decide to finish my own text editor. Perhaps I'll work on that today...)

Vim is OK. I tend to use it in *nix for quick editing. Otherwise I'll use NEdit or Kate or somesuch. I can't stand emacs, but that's because the emacs command set is antithetical to the WordStar command set. (First time I ever used it I think I nearly wiped the hard drive trying to figure out how to escape. Fortunately a simple reboot --and nowdays the nice X version-- help.) I also can't stand editors like "joe" that claim more than they provide (none of ^KQ/^KD/^KX let you escape it either). Well, I suppose that's enough ranting here.

I tend to like my command shell, so really fancy IDE's don't turn me on. A small, fast, easy-to-use editor is what I like best.
Visual Studio .net C++ and C# - I focus on these languages as i studied at atari house. The good old Atari Game Company ;)
VC++ and Notepad++

VC++ mainly, Notepad++ for random stuff when I don't want to open VC++
Code::Blocks usually. Sometimes when I'm writing a lot of code and don't necessarily need to worry about other source files I use Notepad++, though.
Dev-Cpp, because it uses GCC so (unless I do specific operating system stuff) I can compile it easily cross-platform Windows/Linux without any hassle.
MS VC++ Express... cos it's free and very, very easy for a beginner to use.
My favorite is Netbeans,but because I have some problems to set the gcc on it,I use Code::blocks
Used to be Visual C++, but now its Dev-Cpp, i switched be cause Visual C++ was eating up my resources causing terrible performance if I had tried to do something else.
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I'm a big Code::Blocks fan, now that it's actually stable. I like Emacs, though, since it's one of the few things at work that functions via SSH.
nedit & xterm

Ok, not an IDE, but I'm not a fan of IDEs.
Netbeans with MinGW and MSYS. Programs are faster when compiled with MinGW vs VC++
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@enduser000: That's a load of crap. You cannot simply state that MingW produces more optimised code than VC++.

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Eclipse + CDT
Simplicity........ :)
Edit: When I compiled one program using VC++: it was slow. Same code on MinGW: fast.

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