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I was just browsing around, and saw at the home page there is a source code section that just says "Coming soon". Anyone know when this is gonna be live?? I'm rather excited
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It's been coming soon for years.
Ah guess I've never noticed. That's disappointing.
Here's an idea (silly as it may sound), why don't the users have a thread "Source Codes" in the Articles section? Like, if someone feels they have a good program or something that others might find interesting, they can propose it in a new topic, and if others like it, after maybe suggestions and modifications to make it crash-proof, and/or memory/speed efficient, it can be posted in the main thread... It may not necessarily be hi-fi stuff, even a good calculator, or maybe a good design of an AI of a game like Tic-Tac-Toe and all such games.. Would be fun also, and educative and helpful to the beginners.. Just an idea though...
I concur. petition thread in lounge, anyone?
I like this idear. I say let's get this movin!
Does anyone here know the admin?
I think his name is twicker...
hm.. anyways, we should contact him and see if we could help him with the source code section if he doesn't have time
:D Yay!
Ok, I emailed the admin and gave him a link to this page
Thanks for the link, strongdrink!
You are free to post your source code in the "Articles" section. Simply write a description of what the code does and attach the source files to it. If you have some notions of html you can also include snapshots or format the text.
If at some point there are enough articles that qualify as "source code" we will make it a section.
Ah now we're moving! Thanks twicker :D
Woohoo!! :D
This thread should be in the Lounge.
Excellent! Thanks! Which sub-category should we place them in? Or could you possibly create a "source code" sub section in the articles?
I was thinking just a sub section called "source code" would be cool. May have to go through some file hosting site for larger files, unless there is some way to upload files on here?
If it ever gets to be HUGE, maybe we could build something like github.
I've just added a "Source code" tab to the articles section.
Good stuff! :D Now just time to populate this. Thanks again twicker!
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