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By a girl programmer, I mean a girl who is a programmer and not a programmer who could program a girl... ;D

So, in my whole life, I haven't seen a single girl who is a good programmer (I've not even heard of them), I mean there are famous guys like Linus Torvald, Bill Gates, Wozniak, Denis Ritchie and Bjarne Stroustrup and other programmers whom I've heard of. But I've not heard of any famous lady programmer save for Lady Ada Lovelace (the first programmer). So it makes me think, is programming something which comes to boys more naturally? And how many girls are there in this forum? And have you guys heard of any exceptional lady programmer??
I don't know. We have plenty of girls at my university, but I don't know if any of those are exceptional.
There are tons of girl programmers where I work. One of them in particular is super crazy smart and seems to know everything.

I don't think there's any gender bias as far as programming ability goes. I think the only gender bias is with employer / public attention (guys are more likely to be famous than girls, guys are more likely to be hired than girls, etc.)
a programmer who could program a girl
With a great power...

It doesn't compile
Grace Hopper.
I think there's probably a selection bias. Guys tend to gravitate more towards computer related activity. I doubt there's any physical reason girls would be worse programmers, I think it's more likely that there are simply less girls that are interested.

The compiler gets stuck in an infinite loop when it tries to compile Boobs.cpp. No-one knows exactly why.
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I know of one other self-proclaimed programmer who I think is rather exceptional from samples provided by her.
There is also a selection bias that the individual has no control over: people are biased against women as programmers. And often, when they are in that role, they get a lot of unwanted (and inappropriate) flack.
I imagine that's probably true, but I have no experience of it. My mum knows a woman programmer, but I've never met her. I was immediately prejudiced against her when my mum mentioned that she "said talked about something called visual basic" (but that prejudice applies to equally to men... maybe I just have a superiority complex or something).
Sorry, but every time I hear "Visual Basic" I think "GUI Interface".

It's not good for anything except for tracking IP addresses.
Women played a very prominent role in programming and in fact a lot of early programmers were women and it was considered a woman's job. Much different from today where it is mostly a male profession.

Now it wasn't programming in the sense we think of it today, I'm talking about programming something like a ENIAC because their tiny little fingers could easily get into crevices and nooks and unplug/plug components in.
I think there was one at microsoft. She's on floor 3.5, seated between the unicorn and sasquatch.
So except for Disch, everybody else's evidence support the hypothesis that good lady programmer are rarer. Which takes me to my second question. how many girls are there in this forum? And I'd mean some experienced girls and not newbies
Unless there are some girls pretending to be guys, I'm pretty sure Albatross is the only regular who is a girl.
Well that and Albatross is the only member that is open about being a girl. Everyone else doesn't really advertise it, and this thread shows why that is. We aren't doing it, but there is a bias towards female programmers which gives them much reason to keep anonymity when posting questions.
And I'd mean some experienced girls and not newbies

I know a corner where you can find a few experienced girls.

My mother was a programmer in the 80s. She didn't stick with it though, the pay was low and her boss was sexist. She got a job at Diamondstar Motors (a Mitsubishi plant) in the late 80s and they offered her a position as a systems analyst, but she ended up painting bumpers, because the pay was much better.
I notice that everyone else seems to bring up the fact that Albatross is a girl much more than she does.

I think I saw her mention it like once, but I feel like I see other people mention it like twice a week.

To contrast, I've never once seen anyone make a point to mention that Duoas is a guy.

EDIT: but I guess that goes with what BHXSpecter was saying about girls wanting to keep their anonymity. For some reason people seem to get all bent out of shape when there's the possibility of a girl being in the room.
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Yeah, a lot of forums I've been to and a lot of people I have talked to still seem to have the narrow view that programming is a 'mans' job. So girls (are we being PC or would it be more appropriate to say women or females?) are normally quiet about gender in order to get unbiased help from other programmers, to avoid the ones that think girls can't program.

Another thing, as you pointed out Albatross has maybe pointed out her gender once. That is why I believe she is a girl, because most people don't get hung up on saying their gender. I doubt a person when they go on saying "I'm a guy! I'm a guy! I'm a guy!" or "I'm a girl! I'm a girl! I'm a girl!" because then it seems, to me anyways, that they are pushing too hard on the matter and makes me start to suspect if it is true.
You haven't even heard of Adele Goldberg???

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