What Font Do You Use For Programming?

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I use OCR A Extended & Lucida Sans Typewriter.

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Menlo Regular

and Andale Mono and Consolas depending on what system I'm using.
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OCR A was always nice but a bit too "sharp" for my taste.
I used Fixedsys for a while in the past.
Nowadays it's either Bitstream Vera Sans Mono or Consolas.
Lucida Console on Windows.
Monaco on OS X.
Moschops, you made me choke on my coffee from sudden laughter. :P

Anyways, Droid Sans Mono is actually pretty nice for programming.
Consolas with Zenburn color scheme.
lol @ Moschops

Visual studio default font is best (Consolas)
Monospace. It's the default on Code::Blocks, atleast under Xubuntu 12.04
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Consolas on Windows and Ubuntu Mono on Ubuntu, regular Monospace on other distros that don't have the Ubuntu fonts.
Courier New! I don't even remember when I started using it.
Whatever the default for Ubuntu is.
Comic sans ms.
I use 12 pt. Meera (goodness, 10 pt. Meera would be hard to see, what a typo). It's not a fixed-width font, but it's nice on the eyes, and most importantly, I can read it. :)

You don't seriously expect any of us to believe that, do you? Honestly, though, I was waiting for someone to say it.

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goodness, 10 pt. Meera would be hard to see, what a typo

You could lean closer to the monitor. :)
Courier New! All the characters are aligned, good space between characters, commonly used, easy to read!
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