Does Touch Typing make any difference to you ?

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I have recently started touch typing . I thought it would increase my typing speed . Yes ,it has done that but I am struggling with symbols . Whenever I have to type any symbol , I have to look at the keyboard which reduces the speed .
.Moreover , my hands feel tired all the time.
Is touch typing important for programmers?
I am a final year student and I know it is very difficult to change the habits acquired over a long time period. Still , I am trying to train my hands and fingers.
Please tell any website where one can practice typing symbols.
Your suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
For those with an attention span, I present Mr Steve Yegge:

Edit: Link fixed. That's what I get for cut n' paste from google. I'm switching to Duck Duck Go. They don't fill the copied link with extraneous tracking crap.
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The ... isn't helping.

And touch typing? Isn't that something that comes naturally after a while? I occasionally look at the keyboard, but most of the time I can do without it.
Touch typing is just a dumbed down way of saying muscle memory reflex isn't it? That is aquired naturally, in fact I can tell you I got some of my best practice at it just using AIM\Yahoo Messenger and chat rooms. Then again those things were a lot bigger when I was in school.

If you really want to increase your speed to some absurd level though I remember some of our regulars here used DVORK keyboards for a while and they said that felt more natural.
And touch typing? Isn't that something that comes naturally after a while?

Some people learn to touch type naturally (although generally with horrific finger combinations, usually pushing the vast majority of the work to the index and middle fingers), and some people learn to flick their eyes back and forth from keyboard to screen, generally using the keyboard-look to realign their fingers, or prepare for the next N keystrokes.

Also, there's a huge difference in being able to type really quickly using a few fingers, and actually touch-typing with all fingers involved.
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I think touch typing has potential to be faster, but isn't necessarily faster. I know several touch typists who can type 80+ WPM. I've never heard of anyone typing that fast with just their index/middle fingers.

I recently worked with a guy who wasn't a touch typist, but obviously was a seasoned programmer with years and years of experience with a computer... and he typed SLOW. It was painful to watch. I've never seen any touch typist type as slow as him unless they were just learning.

Also Dvorak helping you type faster is a myth.
It isn't helping much, because typing code is usually <5% of time spending programming. I've never learned to touch type, although if I try, I can write some text without looking at the keyboard (but it is slightly slower than when I see the keyboard).
Chat rooms, online games, and 4chan forced me to learn touch typing. Also improved my WPM rate like nothing else every could.
I totally agree with Disch...and I also worked with such a guy.
I'd say what xander337 suggested is a good way to pratice, but I think it isn't really necessary to know touch typing as long as you're fast enough without it!
Stop wasting time on here and start learning how to type! It eventually gets to the point of thinking words and they type themselves almost as if its a single bang of the hands on the keyword. There's no other way to get that fast.
I peck and hunt, involves 3 fingers, with 80+ WPM, max so far is 101WPM
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Just imagine how fast you'd be if you typed properly.
I learned to type just from spending most of my time on the computer, I guess, but I wouldn't say I touch type the way people are typically taught to. The best description I can think of is that I don't touch type based on the location of the home row but rather of on the location of the individual keys I'm pressing at the time, that is, I know where most keys are located relative to any other key.
I know, but it just feels weird keeping my hand on the keyboard.

it was a reply to disch btw, he said he has never seen anyone type over 80 wpm by using peck and hunt

I know several touch typists who can type 80+ WPM. I've never heard of anyone typing that fast with just their index/middle fingers.
it just comes naturally, I dont even notice it any more.
However, that only applies to normal document typing, not coding.

I have had so much trouble pressing symbol keys like {} [] + - "" @ ~
I used to play a lot of online pc games, so my left hand is actually better at typing than my hand. My right hand really uses only my pointer finger and ring finger, while my left hand uses all my fingers. It's weird. But, I seem to type at a decent pace.
I thinK I am just moving ahead of myself . With time , I will improve .
and yeah , when I am chatting with friends , typing comes naturally .
Thanks for replying guys ,
Have a nice day :)
I don't formally touch type, but I do type without looking. I tend to just use my left hand's middle and index fingers--and occasionally the ring finger--along with my right hand's index finger--and occasionally the middle finger. However, I still manage 80 WPM.

Also, guess my keyboard layout. :P
80 WPM is pretty fast. I'm skeptical of some of the claims in here.
I was a little over 80, touch typing with only 4 or 5 fingers total
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