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I love Turisas for their folk metal. It sounds awesome.
They are progressive folk metal who have a concept album about Vikings/pirates. There is nothing in that sentence that does not appeal to me.
(also, Sahti-Waari is a good song to get pumped to)
@veltas Ive played each guild wars beta event this far, actually there is one today. Its epic, got nothing more to say.

@xander337 I think Turisas are very good , eluveitie are ok. Tho i dislike Blind Gaurdian strongy. reasons
1. I cant stand the way the singers sing a bit like pop
2. I like non overproduced music.

But that is just opinions and opinions are free and i respect your if you like them.

Or well, there are one progressive viking/power metal band that i like. It's Crom, i founded them because they made a Bathory cover very very good

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_WLdfHlVu0 (The cover)

By the way i belive i have some music tips for you if you like that kind of music.

King of asgaard (This band is really good)
Here is The last journey by them.

Pm or reply if you want more :D
I've not heard of the first two, I have heard of Turisas but I haven't listened to them. I'll make a note of them on my metal to-listen-to list.
Blind Guardian is known by the their fans as "The Bards" because of their lyrical style, and because of the content of their lyrics. They had an entire album that told the story of the Semerilian, if that gives you an idea.
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