YAMT (yet another music thread)

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What are you listening to, my fellow C++ loungers?

Right now I've got some Green Day, Foo Fighters and Red Hot Chili Peppers on shuffle.
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Glen Campbell's cover of "Good Riddance (Time of your Life)".
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I'm listening to the LOTR soundtrack whilst writing my kernel. And, it's quiet in my house tonight, which is a first.

About to listen to Presence, the Led Zeppelin album. I consider it their magnum opus album-wise, moreso than Physical Graffiti.
That guy has a few other tracks uploaded. Worth checking out, particularly the Zelda ones.
You whippersnappers and your rock 'n' roll. Haha, just kidding. I can dig rock, but I tend to prefer softer more psychadelic stuff.

Lately that includes...

Bebel Gilberto:

Blue Stone:

My man card is probably going to get revoked for this, but,

Motteke Sailor Fuku (the opening to Lucky Star)
Your sanity card, perhaps. :)
Watch Them Fall Down
Hold Your Colour

Those were the last 3 anyways. Lately I've been into... 'energizing' music. Doesn't really have anything to do with genre, it's about the feeling you get when you hear it...

(Motteke Sailor Fuku was one of them too today though :P)
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Today's theme is: "Cats on Mars" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97xfV6yXcrk
80s hiphop

The chordettes :D

Bobby Helms

It depends on whether work is being done, code is getting compiled...

Sometimes I find myself listening to the Unforgiven, or some national folk music.
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I mostly listen to "movie music" when programming. Jeremy Soule who made the songs for the Guild Wars games is amazing.

Jeremy Soule - Gw2 theme

song from the first game, I was soo excited when i was running in the north and did epic quests and this song started.

Another good chill song by him, gives me spines.

But when i dont listen to "movie music" i listen to Black/folk/viking metal mostly. Usually Bathory and Månegarm.

Bathory - vinterblot (epic viking metal song)

Bathory - A Fine Day To Die (Best black metal song ever)

Månegarm - Hemfärd (epic viking song)

But when im programming i usually listen to classical and movie music

Jeremy Soule did Guild Wars? He also did The Elder Scrolls (well, at least Oblivion and Skyrim)
Dr. Dre
Jeremy soule made 50% of the reason why i play guild wars
Hah, same for me with Darren Korb and Bastion. But Bastion won all sorts of awards for it's sound track and the other 50% of reason for me to play it is that it's just that good.
Jeremy did Morrowind as well, and the 'theme's for Oblivion and Skyrim are based off of Morrowind's.

Probably my favourite art in Guild Wars was the concept art and the soundtrack. The graphics were quite good considering what I could run the game on, but didn't really compare to the concept art on the loading screens (which teased me no end). From what I've heard GW2 has a killer soundtrack and killer graphics, and is a fun game, so I'll probably play it when it comes out.
Black/death/thrash metal.

Here's a good BM song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o34uAj6lmXw
@Chris, thoughts on Eluveitie? or Blind Guardian? or Turisas.

Those last two are probably less heavy than your tastes

edit: every time I hear deathmetal I have to call out "oh man! I love Metalocalypse!"
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