Every time a programmer downloads Dev-C++...

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ResidentBiscuit wrote:
The intro CS course at my uni uses Dev-C++, so I'm sure most people here have at least downloaded it, unfortunately.

Really? The intro course I had was Microsoft obsessed. The whole degree was MS obsessed, MSVC#/MSVC++ MS Access, MS Project, MS Word, etc. Said that since MS was the most used tools we were going to learn to use them. I haven't touched MS since I finished my degree, I stay under Ubuntu and use GNU for my stuff.
Ah yea luckily we're pretty *nix oriented here when we can be.
Back when I took my CS courses, the standard way that programming was done was by SSHing into a remote terminal and using vim which would often freeze up or disconnect. Needless to say, things changed once a certain student enlightened the rest of the class of these neat things called IDEs, where you could actually use a mouse and debug the program without reading a huge tome of documentation. The professor, who believed that anything not open-source is the heart of evil, was not impressed.

Speaking of bloodshed, has anyone seen the new Resident Evil movie yet?
Luc Lieber wrote:
Speaking of bloodshed, has anyone seen the new Resident Evil movie yet?

Nope, not yet. Doesn't come out here til October I thought. Of course they are making a new CGI RE movie too last I heard.
Programmers don't download Dev-C++, so all kittens are safe. Sure some idiots who think they're programmers will download it, but the simple act of downloading it forever prevents them from earning the title of Programmer.

I hope you're wrong! Because I really want to become a Programmer some day.
has anyone seen the new Resident Evil movie yet?

Yes. Very Evil. A good chick flick though !!!
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