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YAELT (yet another esoteric language thread)

It seems like everyday I'm hearing of some new tongue-in-cheek language that exists simply because we know it can.

Brainfuck and LOLCODe being old staples, Malbolge being a friggin nightmare.

A friend of mine sent me a link to a language based on My Little Pony Friendship is Magic (which btw, was hillarious)

Anyways, post your faves!

PS: ┬┐what's the point in the abbreviature if you write it full?
None really. That just how I felt like doing it.
You have to define an abbreviation or acronym the first time you use it in a text, otherwise people won't know what it means (unless it's a proper noun, like IBM, or a well-known abbreviation, like Na for sodium).
Yep, if you intend to use it again...
Befunge is my favourite.
My favourite is Shakespeare.

Maybe he does intend to use it again. It doesn't really matter anyway.
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