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ever been to the dream in code forum? they actually pick on you watch out.

These guys are are like gestapo and i think im allowed to vent on this part of the forum, but also its fair to warn you what theyre like before you join.

Not a good place for beginners, they shoot you down my oh my, theres reputation points which i dont think pass as constructive criticism but it gets worse the admins earn there way by getting points and reporting people too so when i joined i thought i would test the water and ask for help with a question, i submitted my code and they started to help all good so far however.

when i failed to explain the out come properly i simply said to some high up admin guy i dont need to re submit my code (i could only copy and paste with the numbers up the side grr) all i did was change < to >

and i get this 'were really trying to help you' speech okay fine i get 5 bad rep points and it says shunned next to my avatar.

Great, shunned. nothing makes you feel like the black sheep like having shunned written on your face, next i try and start a conversation in the lounge try and get some them rep points back, i end up talking about code and submit some...i say wait this is the wrong place i will put it somewhere else and crap im in trouble for multi threading some other admin asks 'whats my major miscommunication' in my new email box shuts the thread down slaps on more bad rep points and exiled is written on my face.

so i start a new account and realise i cant update my thread with my updated code so i start a new thread...blam some new admin is like...this is DEVONREVENGES code closees it more bad rep points, im re-shunned all over again.

next i go to the lounge, make a comment a single comment on someones thread about working out, i believe it was something about wanting to start a gymn instructor and personal training course...no one liked it, BAM, bad rep points...they proly new it was devonrevenge in disguise...im now permanently banned from the forum, get the impression they take this shizzle real serious.

here i didnt know about multi threading someone just told me what the deal was...easy

i was thinking though rather than bad rep points there should be different kinds of negative points (if theres points at all) bad rep just means you got a bad rep where as if you get lots of dont listen points and hardly any lazy or mean points then you could take the criticism constructively, bad rep points just macke me REALLY o.c.d...
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I had a very similar problem with Stack Overflow: they, too, do not like neophyte programmers asking questions -- they treat you almost as if you're the plague. From my personal experience:

I had asked a question regarding "std::vector". I wanted to know if pushing dynamically allocated objects into a "std::vector" was a good idea. Any decent human being would say no in a civilised tone, but those guys at SO gave me an entirely different answer. They closed my thread, down-voted by question, decreased my reputation, and posted snide comments. I never got my answer.

Now, I posted my experience in the lounge before, and one member ["Cubbi" I think] said that the site is primarily for expert programmers. At the time, I wasn't aware of this, and as a result, I was basically humiliated. That's when I came to this site instead.

So, thank you Stack Overflow & your members for being arrogant and straight up a*******s.

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thats why i dont like reputation. it shouldnt be numbers it should be by trying to make a name for yourself
I read some of your posts at dream in code http://www.dreamincode.net/forums/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=user_posts&mid=605536
They seem pretty fair to me.
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Not that I'm defending them or anything, but different communities have different behaviors that are expected of their members. It has long been a tradition on the Internet that if you're a new arrival, you should just lurk around and not post for a while, so you can learn how to behave in the community.
Framework wrote:
I had asked a question regarding "std::vector". I wanted to know if pushing dynamically allocated objects into a "std::vector" was a good idea. Any decent human being would say no in a civilised tone

I don't follow. I wouldn't say it's a "bad idea", you just need to be aware of the extra bookkeeping the language expects of you.
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@Catfish2: According to the SO users, pushing anything that was created with "new" was an incorrect use of the "std::vector"; though, they never actually said why. Besides, I asked that question a few years back -- since then, I've understood why it's a bad idea.

I've understood why it's a bad idea.
So? I don't see why it's different to any other kind of storing pointer?
Gonna ask a possibly dumb question, but why is pushing dynamically created object onto a vector a bad idea? I can see that it would be a challenge in keeping track what's alive/not alive anymore, but that's the only issue I see.

After doing a bit of research, the problem with it is rather obvious. Is there a way around it, or do you just not use vectors for such a thing? Until now, this problem wouldn't have even occurred to me until something broke.
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A vector that holds raw pointers to dynamic memory is not exception safe (unless, say, those pointers are also held by some other object controlling the lifetime of the pointed to memory which is exception safe.) The usual solution is to wrap those pointers in an object (such as std::unique_ptr) which is exception safe.
yeah i think they took everything i said really seriously, you cant stress irony very easily with letters but its pretty easy to remember the internet isnt the same as real life
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