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helios is right as to where the green light came from but i didn't screw up the port or cable but the cable isnt important and i didnt try to force it. and the frist time i took it apart was to clean the dust and it worked after that
Sometimes, after plugging back in all the hardware after cleaning my pc, the system won't boot. I don't remember if the MB even emits its diagnostic sound. Anyway, I open the pc again, plug everything out and back in right away, start it up again and then it works perfectly

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Is it an AMD Athlon II X2? If so, this runs off of an AM3 slot. Depending on the motherboard (of which you can find by using SIW or your OS equivalent), you might be able to get a Phenom or Vishera processor.

maeriden, that's why you spend money on a motherboard that will magically tell you whats wrong or provide hardware tools to figure it out (such as onboard memory testing).
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You spend money when you have money to spend

Anyway, I'm not that smart to know how to fix such problems. My skills don't go much over blowing in the sockets (thank you SNES)
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