whats your favorite thing aboot c++?

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Nah americans dont speak english they speak American now, let them keep it too

Chaucer and Milton are nigh on impossible to read, the same language written in prose is initially indecipherable but you dont need to know much about culture at the time, you just need a bit of time to decipher it. especially milton, he was in his own little autistic genius bubble when he wrote that just page after page, i would be suprised if he understood it fluently.

tis better to reign in hell than serve in heaven-coolest quote ever.
The new spoonlicker is much less angersome.
The old spoonlicker had a lot of repressed rage.
Do not speak its name. :P

I would have to say it's a tie between templates and pointers. Powerful things, those two. :D

I love brutally tormenting the compiler and getting to evaluate as much stuff as possible at compile time, and templates are indeed another form of torture.
the hells a spoonlicker?
spoonlicker was a misguided individual who seemed to have a problem with pointers and it was our fault for not being able to teach him/her. He/She ended up trolling a lot.
he/she?? what happened to spoon licker?
Could not deal with being referred to as he but did not come across as anything else.

what happened to spoon licker?
Got banned, rejoined...rinse and repeat.
still here different name i bet, sounds like fun TBH (im not spoonliker just in case you think i am)
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