Microsoft 8080 BASIC

Hello! I have an old book full of BASIC games that I want to compile, but I can't find anything to compile Microsoft 8080 BASIC! Does anyone know of any good programs for Windows?


Burn the book. Burn it now.
I lol'd
Now there's a bit of a challenge - manually port the BASIC code to C++ !!!

Could be interesting.
As long as goto is not used in the C++ code, I'd say sure. Though how will he read a book he burned?
@L B

Yes, I agree, plus all the other proper practices.

Though how will he read a book he burned?

Hmmm, people don't always do what other people tell them.......... :+D

I see you are coming up to 3K posts - Congratulations & well done, a lot of good work in that I think. Cheers
Unfortunately, I can't bring myself to burn a book. :D I've ported some of the code, but it isn't worth the effort! :D
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People really ought to spend some time answering the OP's question before messing around.

This is the old GWBASIC interpreter.

Run it in a DOSBox window:

Good luck!
Thanks everyone!

I actually found a Intel 8080 emulator.

It works great, though I may end up using the GWBASIC interpreter, it looks interesting...


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Seems pretty basic, right?

I see what you did there.
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