is dream in code admin 'out to get me'?

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i cant think in proper english so is hard to write fluently, trick is to just shout keywords but some demand a higher level of accuracy,

its a travesty anyway, the english invaded Devon and now they make us speak like them

ark at ee thas propper tha
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devonrevenge wrote:
"as you get older being mature becomes an unhealthy habit for some people"

Maturity is almost never a trait (yes, some people are intrinsically more mature than others) that's frowned up. Besides, regardless of how mature you are, one can still have a healthy sense of humour.

devonrevenge wrote:
"i cant think in sentences, i might write a devonrevenge to english translating program"

What about the documentation for your program? Wouldn't you need a translator for that?

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i understand my documentation, am most basic beginner at the moment

congratulations your promoted to devonrevenge interperator, its a great privileged to have bestowed upon you and you seem to be very good at it
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Anyone who speaks English should be able to understand you; look at the replies you've gotten. I will admit, your English it's fantastic, but it's definitely not obscure.

its allright i thought it was you but it was LB who was interperating what i was saying, its also pretty good for misunderstandings tooh
devonrevenge wrote:
i always wondered why the americans didnt help us till we beat their airforce, i used to think they were scared of planes but know i think they were waiting to see wich side was winning

Our joining WW2 had nothing to do with the European front. We joined after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor (in Hawaii for anyone else who didn't know). I'm a history nerd, and just wanted to point that one out, cus you know... its pretty huge.
My point is, if you don't want people to consider you incompetent, don't write like a stereotypical incompetent person. Take the time to write clean posts with proper grammar, spelling, etc. and people will take the time to help you and they will see you in a better light. Impressions are, in our society, very important.

We take the time to respond to you so you may read our posts with ease; we only ask the same of you.
@ ModShop: Is that the only flaw you saw in that entire sentence?

- USAF was founded in 1947, this is several years AFTER the war. So it would have been a heck of a trick to "beat them".

- The Wright brothers INVENTED the airplane in NORTH CAROLINA. So I doubt fear of the airplane had anything to do with it.

- Several units of US Army pilots volunteered to fight with England before America entered the war.

- Both Russia and England were getting stomped until the USA opened up two fronts in Europe and Africa and also started selling tanks and equipment to Russia. They weren't " ... waiting to see who was winning" by any stretch of the imagination.

The reason the US didn't enter World War 2 immediately is the same reason it abstained from the Allied Nations, it was choosing to stay isolated from what was seen as "Europe's Problems".
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Computergeek01 wrote:
The Wright brothers INVENTED the airplane...
No, they got the first plane to fly but did not invent it. See William Samuel Henson (3 May 1812 - 1888) a pre-Wright brothers aviation engineer and inventor.

Both Russia and England were getting stomped until the USA opened up two fronts in Europe and Africa...
Not exactly, the turning point for Russia was due to the Lorenz cypher being broken at Bletchley Park. Lorenz was used by German Army Field marshals and their Central High Command so the plans for the German offensive on the Russian front were known and countered turning the tide.

If anyone is interested...
BBC: Code Breakers Bletchley Parks lost Heroes
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So, we've gone from explaining why devonrevenge is annoying and how he can deal with it to discussing historical facts. I love this forum :D topic titles are deceiving, it's all a wondrous mystery of what you'll get to read :)

QWERTYman wrote:
How did we get from someone having a problem with y/n coding to talking about object oriented programming?

Grey Wolf wrote:
One post at a time. :0)

All the best threads unravel to reveal somthing else.
well the americans should have saw pearl harbour coming, the japanese had to strike.

the americans thought they just had to cut of fuel supplies, instead they took china and there fuel supplies and then saught to take back the old ones, the british were doing fine we had beaten the waffen and discovered that if we destroyed an entire city first germany would have none left by the time we were down to one.

the russians had been beaten all the way to the kremlin, only to hold nazis in place by cleverly bogging the advance down by filling the cities up with snipers, they were saved by a new kind of tank that could rapid fire and move at the same time...russians did 95 percent of the fighting, and proved distraction enough for all of us to beat germany else where

we were also winning in africa, but russia did 95 percent of the fighting, remember that, they deserve it, ,y original point though, was that george bush snr snr and some other american arms companies sold arms to the nazis.

and AA to muja hadeen (aka taliban),and chemical weapons to saddam,nukes to israel.

whats spelling got to do with anything anyway

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@chrisname: He made no reference to the US Air Force, only the German one. I see those things now that you point them out :p I was mostly thinking of our reasons for joining only, nothing else.

@devon: The Russians did not do 95% of the fighting, and neither did we. It was relatively even, but primarily Hitlers fault for breaking his 10 year peace agreement with the Soviets and starting a 2 front war, not to mention the whole "don't launch a land war in Russia in the winter" thing. He let his ego get to him, pretty much (he actually felt that he needed to take out Russia before they got too strong, but had counted on being able to beat Britain's air force and invading their island beforehand, but that didn't work out, so the whole thing imploded).

I wouldn't put it above some random arms company selling weapons to the SS, but I have to disagree with the Saddam one. Well, I agree, but we didn't sell them to the guy when we were enemies, we did it when he invaded Iran for oil and to gain our favor. Same thing with Osama bin Laden and pretty much every other middle eastern country. We helped them, imposed our will and they hated us for it. Now we're doing the same thing all over again, a perfect example of not learning from history (like Hitler). Nukes to Israel makes more sense, seeing as the U.S. are the sworn protectors of Israel.
bit of research says germany (obviously) and russia, making up 95%!
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i disagree with nukes in israel, now everyone in the middle east wants them, and who can blame them
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