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Huzzah! It's finally here! I made a boss little case out of an old multimeter shell. Check it out! http://i.imgur.com/Ic3c0.jpg

Haven't booted her up yet, but as soon as I get a screen ready I will- then it's time to make some sort of portable system!

What makes me so excited? I'm technically in a spot where I should have no computer, and this is essentially my only opportunity for technology for another year or so! The library computers don't let me do much, especially when loading the operating system. No such thing as admin rights, what a challenge!

im a gonn get sum lego to make the case
One of mine:
i would like to make modshop. that is the coolest thing ever! i never would have known about it. I convinced my parents to get it for me for christmas
Grey, what did you use to make your case?
It is an Electronic Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi by SK Pang Electronics I got it from amazon.

It was a bit cheaper when I ordered it.

how much is that in dollars?
Aramil of Elixia wrote:
how much is that in dollars?

I don't know. You could go to their website and ask them if they ship to the US (www.skpang.co.uk ).

Other places that may have something similar are Adafriut and SparkFun (or RS, Farnell, etc. Pi stuff is cropping up all over the place)

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