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For anyone who doesn't know: http://www.raspberrypi.org/

So I just ordered a Raspberry Pi and I'm super excited. Bummer its gonna take 12-15 weeks to get here...

While I wait, I've contemplating what to do with it. I don't even have a solid idea of what I would use it for yet, but I've some some things in the works. I was thinking of making my garage door and some of the more frequently forgotten lights made remote controlled through some kind of web interface, or even text messages. I could even extend it a bit to have things on timers and basic sensor input so the current state of the house could be displayed on the web page.

I was also thinking of transforming my basic "always on" Christmas lights into some kind of crazy light show synchronized with music (I have a crazy amount of lights, probably close to 10,000+, so it's not like I'm just flashing 3 strands) and just completely awesome.

So... does anyone here have a Pi, or plan on getting one? What have you done with yours, or what would you do if you had one? I'm open for new ideas too, as I'll probably end up buying more :p
I'm thinking of getting one and turning it into a handheld games console with a custom OS (or maybe just a customised Linux distribution). Obviously the first thing to do would be to port Doom.
I've had one for a few months. They're great. I have mine running headless and plugged into my router and SSH enabled. I can then access the RPi via SSH on my iPad or any other computer, to write programs using nano. Great as otherwise you cannot write code on the iPad. That's what I currently use mine for.
I have two; ordered one from Farnell and one from RS, by the time RS actually got round to delivering it it was the Rev 2 board.

At the moment I am just learning int internals of Linux with some system programming and designing a library for the GPIO. But then I will look at areas such as: (In no particular order)
Distributed systems: getting a handful of working together
'Vision': 3D scanner, robot head, Vortex cannon with tracking
'Manufacturing': CNC engraving/routing/milling, 3D Printer
'Motion': Robot arm, Lawn mower, Quadrocopter

The only thing working against my imagination is time and money
@chrisname: Handheld game console? That sounds awesome. Would you just put the games right on the SD card?

@ajh32: That sounds pretty cool. I don't even own an iPad though, so it would be kind of pointless to mimic your setup :p

@Grey Wolf: Those are some pretty epic things. I'd probably work on a self driving lawnmower first though... I'm lazy :p
ModShop wrote:
Would you just put the games right on the SD card?

I think that would be the best.
oh this thread, yeah i want more people to talk about PI PIsabilities (did you see what i did there?)

gonna learn to program with linux so i can judge windows like all the cool programers
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ModShop wrote:
I'd probably work on a self driving lawnmower first though... I'm lazy
I was thinking the CNC and printer first. Once I have them they can make the more complicated parts for the other projects...I'm lazy too. :0)

I think that MakerBeam Mini T-slot profile system will come in handy for building the framework (hopefully it will be sturdy enough.)

I'm also hoping that the EasyDriver Stepper Motor Driver from Sparkfun will be good enough for my motor control needs.
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@grey wolf i looked at maker beam, the possibilities are huge, im thinking robotic lawnmower is too simple, plus i dont have a lawn im thinking robotic butler (precursor to the inevitable robotic sex butler)
chrisname wrote:
I think that would be the best.

Probably ;) Although you could always use discs, then make a cool case and tell people you made your own console. You could even just use the discs to tell the Pi which game to load from the SD.

@Grey Wolf: I did some work on a CNC milling machine in a course I took last year, it was fun. I used it to cut a custom card box and engrave a silhouette of Ezio (Assassins Creed) on the lid. I'm not sure I would enjoy that professionally though. What exactly would you create?

@devon: ....... I can't imagine what it would be like programming AI for a sex bot, but I'm sure I wouldn't be able to keep a straight face at all during the whole process. Speaking of which, sex robot: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGSVYgcy24Q
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devonrevenge wrote:
im thinking robotic lawnmower is too simple
Well you could probably make a basic one but once you add gPS (garden Positioning System), Some way of monitoring lawn growth rates in different areas of the lawn, power monitoring and solar charge station, weather monitoring (don't want it to try mowing the lawn when it is raining), etc. it gains a life of its own.

ModShop wrote:
...CNC milling machine...What exactly would you create?
One of the things that I have always wanted to do is Mechatronics/Robotics. I like things like the Lynxmotion A-Pod. As you can see there is lots of flat sheet work that would be ideally made on a CNC router (I would love to make it a Laser cutter but I don't think that would be a good home project).
Sex robot XD im gonna be the one who built it and released it on humanity
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This thing has sooo much potential!! Mine comes tomorrow and I'm going to make it a mobile dev platform (I've been waiting for a mobile c++ dev environment for years!)

Other than that:

Robot, with learning AI.
A music player, that changes the music based on your area (a la pokemon)
Mobile hacking suite.

There are just about unlimited uses, the wonders of technology! Now we just need an inexpensive and long lasting battery made with nanotubes, a display the size of the rPi, and a phone keyboard!
you got your display here http://www.amazon.co.uk/inch-Digital-Rear-Monitor-Square/dp/B0056WJP1M

and thats an expencive one!! may i recommend two 6 volt lithium poly batteries, one for pi other for screen, its very very easy to solder an old usb whatever to the battery connector

(just make sure that if you walk around with wires semi visible under your jacket that you put the batteries in a tidy container DO NOT use brown paper or let people see wires sticking in the little blue blocks you will scare them and the rapid reaction police though slowpokes in my experience will kick you off your bus/train or worse)
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Lololol, you're a funny addition to cplusplus, my brown paper bags and wires will be used for little other than electronic alcohol(110 proof of course)! The display looks good, I was thinking about using the GPIO for a little cell phone display (got a couple laying around) but it may be rather difficult!

Perhaps the real next step will be to create a new internet- that only works with rPies. Call it ... The Circumference?

hrmm thas good, the PI illuminati will have their own secret mobile internet sewn into their clothing, (not to be confused with the PIlluminati who get together in noisy rooms and take pills)
I ordered mine, it should come in about 4 weeks (seems like RS don't dispatch very often). I've already made a start on my OS (running it on Qemu for now) and I'm working on the GPU driver. Pretty soon I should be able to draw text and shapes.
you making a raspberry PI operating system?? how?
devonrevenge wrote:
you making a raspberry PI operating system?? how?
If it is something you are interested in you could start here:
Thats aaamazzing!!! :O

So making your own operating system could seem easy with practice right??

basic driver stuff? so could even build web browser??

fun, now my Pi had better hurry

ironically i might learn bout the linking and then i can suss out how my codeblocks linker works seems no man or tutorial can explain it to me.
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