My first program test

Hi everybody...

I've just completed my first project and solved a big problem... So now it's totally ready for testing!!!

First of all, My small program is called "Tiny Notepad", actually I'm not good at programming, I just played some functions and variables around. The program can support edit text (Textbox), can get string from the text box object and save it into a file. Hotkeys are supported, in short you can press F1 for help, there are many options. I solved how to load and edit a long text file without affecting the program performance. Well, the first feature of this program is : It can change the Font-Face (New!!!) It can detect input changes, because I used a temporary variable (vector string). If a character input is pressed, the program will recheck the TextBox. You can select text, and color it. It also has increasing-decreasing keys, you can press and hold it to increase-decrease the size of the text. I also included "Text align" feature, but I hate the Right-align because it's not nice and may cause some crazy errors. Up to now I've fixed almost of errors, the program runs fine now however the Right-algin... OMG!!! Finally, the weird thing is... background. Load & print an image file actually is hard. The program doesn't support menu. I searched many times and now I know how to set the program background properly. (I'm learning Windows API) :) hehe...

So, the program... (a little weird, right?)

How to test : Just try all features (Press F1 for more details). Do everything that my program can support : Open file, copy, paste, edit, insert, cut, shift selected text, change size or color, align text, explore setting files, etc... to find missing languages, bugs and easily express your comments or ideas.

And try all hotkeys (Eg : Open : Ctrl + O, Save : Ctrl + S,...)

I used WaitMessage function which can freeze program when no messages are received. Say honestly I'm just a beginner, so I need your opinions, comments and suggestions to improve my programming skill. (My first Windows API product) :)

And, no need to say more. This is the program :

And here, my screenshots :

Screenshot everybody :

Languages Reader :

Text & Gallery

Background :

Feedback please... What do you think?
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My next version of the Notepad (I considered carefully about this and then I picked a few things that are great features for the next version):
My intentions :
- Multiple workspaces
- Dialog
- Ctrl + H
- Hyperlink
- Code format
- Sound
- Music
- Video
- Menu
- Automatic background machine
Most likely some of this are impossible...:) I'll need to add some minor features and fix the remaining errors that now haven't been fixed yet...
Any idea?
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How about the source code?
Edit: And can you move this thread to the lounge where it belongs?
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How about the source code?

Actually, it is the project, that requires the compiling parameter /Zm500. So maybe the source is not ready, it contains some errors and actually it's quite hard to read - Perhaps I used too many pointers and function pointer links. :)
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Any suggestion?
Setup a github (or similar) account and share your code. You will get more out of people giving you suggestions on fixing up your code.
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But, is there any method which can load and print animated GIF file properly?
Why would you want videos/sound and images in a text editor? o_o
How would you even be able to add video + sound?
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