Am I Daft

After reading this thread ( and countless others I am wondering if I am stupid for always wanting to make my own like in the example thread I would want to make the networking lib and html parser myself. Is that weird/stupid?
Weird? No. Stupid? Possibly. It depends on your motivation and reasons for doing so.
If it's for learning purposes and for something cool to put on resume then go for it. Otherwise, it's a waste and it's already been done. Better to do something with the current tools available than to rebuild the tools themselves. You don't see hobbyist carpenters go around rebuilding hammers and nails from scratch, do you?
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Well actually I will disagree with that Resident... If he is having fun making something that someone else already made, even though he is getting nothing out of it (learning and job wise) it is still not a waste of time because that is what he enjoys doing.
Daft? Maybe. Punk? Possibly. Daft Punk? Awesome.
I guess you're right Zereo. I was just thinking he'd have fun programming in general, so making something new would be even more fun.
So what I am getting from Resident and Zereo is that if I find it fun and i am learning from it, then i should. otherwise i should incorperate existing modules into my code and not "reinvent the wheel".

@Cheraphy a google search for "define punk" returns: A worthless person (often used as a general term of abuse).
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