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I don't want to make a fuss over this so I'll try to explain it once and for all:

Passing "StreamW" by reference is the better option for the reasons you stated and for performance. However, the other parameters are best not passed by reference -- the "const" qualifiers are fine. The general rule of thumb is don't pass built-in types, such as pointers, integers, floats, etcetera, by reference but by value; it's slower passing them by reference. Generally speaking, the only time you need a reference to a constant "T" is when your function is willing to accept a temporary object of "T".

Big updates:

Happily removed the 'reference' from the bools, for pleasure of Framework (Wazzak) and included all the reference pages in the Links.ini file (130kb of Links.ini).
The exe itself has no links/articles.
Now the exe re-opens the window after copy/run.
Going to create a 'dedicated' window next, so the window won't center itself each time.
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