Age Of Empires II: The Conquerors

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Anyone have this game and want to play over Hamachi or Game Ranger? I'm getting kinda desperate to test my nooby skills on a real person :P
i love those games, shame i dont have it, ussed to play my old man all the time, the trick to beating him was to make some little base in the fog of war and just churn out archers, after a big wave screws up my main base i let him have it
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Gezz that game brings me back. I remember playing that on "The Zone" I think it was called.

Mayan rush was the best strategy for 1vs1 ladder games for me. Or if you are going for a boom strat use the Celtic siege engine strat.

In my opinion no other RTS was comparable to AOC, one of the all time best strategy games.
Oh man, that brings me back too. I grew up on RTS games. AoE and C&C are my favorites. Used to play my dad all the time.
So much nostalgia!

I'll have to take a look around my house for my AoE II disc (God knows where it is...) If I find it I'll let you know and we can play a few. :)
WC3 is where it's at for RTS. They really need to make a sequel now though...
I still play it from time to time. I used to make dozens of villagers and send them all around the map, constructing watch towers and walls around all the unclaimed resources so no-one else could get them (including my allies - I'd keep all the gates locked and if they managed to get in, I'd quickly set them to enemy, kill them and then set them back to ally). Then I'd tell the villagers to start mining everything. After about an hour the entire map would be devoid of non-renewable resources and I'd be the only person capable of raising an army. Then I would kill everyone (including my allies). Basically I turn into a sociopath when I play video games.
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thas clever, simlar to me but it was just my dad, he never understood why he couldnt completely crush me, it was lots of small cells rather than one big fortress.
I always liked being ott with artillery in that style of game, i like people to wait slowly for ages and then get dramatically obliterated :D artillery is indestructible force in huge numbers
Get gameranger, there are lots of players there, with public lobbies too.

EDIT: Oh, God, Am I Stupid?
Fredbill30 wrote:
Anyone have this game and want to play over Hamachi or Game Ranger?

There is a new expansion supported, too, which includes a fix for bad graphics. It's called Forgotten Empires. Only Gameranger supports it AFAIK, it's here:

Then in your AoE2 install folder, go into age2_x1, and run Fix.exe as administrator, it will fix bad graphics on W7. It won't show you any dialog or anything, it's a silent patch.
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People really still play this game online? I had no idea. Maybe I'll start playing it again.

When I played as Byzantines I'd just make groups of 30 Cataphracts (30 being the maximum selectable number of units IIRC). Nothing could beat them. I didn't even use Monks because they slowed down the killing train.

If you kill explorer.exe before running the game it fixes the graphics. I'm guessing that's all the executable does, but it probably relaunches explorer.exe when the game exits.
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I remember on one map (Oasis I think) you could make a huge army of catapults and siege equipment then use the catapults to make a path through the middle area that was all trees and totally wipe out the other players because they wouldn't expect you to attack there.
I rarely used artillery, I just churned out soldiers knowing that the other player can't build anything that requires gold because I had mined all the gold, collected all the relics and blockaded all their docks and markets so they can't trade.
Anyone liked medieval total war? i tried to download it but it was permanently spanish, it was far too much hard work, it was easy to kick ass as the english, you could have a whole army of longbow archers to defend, the enemy would run away half way up a hill, it allways worked
I tried Rome: Total War but I was put off by the way the battalions shout what they are when you click on them.

Exit button!
Ah, basically all I do is wall off a huge portion of land, deplete all resources, build up units and resources, raise a HUUUGGGGEEE city inside, And build mini forts across the landscape, with water routes connecting and heavily guarded paths to them. If you don't take me out in the beginning, you cant take me out later in the game. I always have a wood wall around the city, along with 3 stone wall thick protection. If my main base is under siege, I can easily sent reinforcements to my main base from the forts I have scattered around.

Oh, and my docks are heavily guarded, that's the number 1 way I get precious cargo(Soliders) from one place to another, (Besides marching them from land.)

I just realized I gave away my strategy...

You can make markets and sell goods though... Unless you depleted forest or destroyed farms, they can sell their goods for gold at the market.
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AHA now we know your plan XD
Yeah but putting more money into circulation like that results in hyperinflation like in the Weimar Republic in Germany... Okay, I'm taking this too seriously now. Eh, I guess I'd have to just blow up all their markets.
But then you would need artillery! :P
You can't get to my market or docks. My defenses would take out your archers and artillery. The only way to beat me is to rush me in the beginning. If you do however, you eat up all your resources, leaving you vunerable(<- Misspelled) to attack. ;)

2nd Best chance is trebuchets or try to attack my forts (<- You can't do this unless you have a 30 man army, in this format (MAYBE)

10 Archers
10 Champions
10 Knights

But I'd never know, I bought the game from Wal-Mart like 2-3 months ago. I'm a newbie.
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Anyone else?
guess i will look at buying it if people still play it, bet yer not a n00b bet ur a hussler, im not playin empires for money
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