Age Of Empires II: The Conquerors

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Lol, nah. I seriously am new. I have no idea if my strategy only works on their AI...
I just found out that Hand Cannoneers with Bombard Cannons are the best offense ever. I made a army of them and held a siege on a city for like 2 hours. :D they surrendered after I cut off their resource supply for about 1 hour. I guess farms aren't enough to keep a citv running :P

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Cataphracts > *
No, I mean Hand Cannonneers and Bombard Cannons (I swear, they're unstoppable in large numbers without some Bombard cannons & scorpians to pick of groups of em.
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A good group of palidans and catapults (orangers I think the upgraded ones are call) would wipe out your forces. Palidans to run down the bombard cannons and catapults for the the hand cannoners. In AoC there is always a counter to something.
Well an army of 20 Orangers, 30 hand cannonneers, and 5-10 bombard cannons would wipe them out.

When I attack a Civ I make a fort near, but not too close to their city. Then I mass produce units to hold their city under siege. after about 20 minutes of siege they give up. Usually.

In this siege I always have the three units + Trebuchets in that siege.
There's no counter to my Cataphract SS.
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There is now granted it has been a long time since I have played and I always in deathmatches where you start at max age and research but I still remember there is a counter to everything. If they come at you with a palind and archer rush you hit them with pikemen and siege preferably catapults. If they come at yo with a turkish bombard strat which is all bombard towers and thier cannoniers you counter with rams and palidans and cataphracts.
Wait, Rams vs cannonneers? Well I consider a conquistador a cannonneer, and I take out armies of rams quick.
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Not cannonners the cannon towers that the Turkish civ has
Oh... Well, with bombard towers you hit 'em with bombard cannons. Bombard cannons shoot slightly out of the range of bombard towers. I cleared out a whole city like that.
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