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Im learning java, do they have a forum as simple and easy going as this one

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This is the first forum i ever joined, ever.
At the beginning I only cared about hassling for answers, now I genuinley care for the community, Is there a java forum as equally balanced as this one?
something simple, non of this 'dream in code' rating system nonsence, it brings out OCD i never thought i had outside the kitchen(dare they call me a dic head, dic lover >:( or even rate my stupid comments as stupid *SPIT*)

Is there a fun one? I joined http://java.net, its the most incoherent site i ever visited, it makes no sense at all, i dont even know what it is and i know its a forum thingy.
I once searched for the same thing to no avail. From what I've found, this is hands down the best forum for programming.
this is hands down the best forum for programming.

could not have said it better myself.

Thanks to the administrator(s) and to everyone in this community :D

@devonrevenge You can just post yuor questions here in the lounge. Just prefix it, with "Java: " or something. Alternatively we could all start a petition for the admin to open a Java/C# section
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I would agree with a section for other languages. It wouldn't necessarily have to be for only Java or C# it could be for all other languages. So yes I would join the petition for it, but it would be up to the admin if he wants to keep this a strictly C++ website or open it up to a general programming site.
With the domain being cplusplus.com I would imagine the administrator wouldn't want to open up to a bunch of other languages. Posting in the lounge with just a prefix as script coder stated works just fine.

As an aside, we could see if the administrator would want to create another site similar to this, but for more general programming :D
yeah create some c++ sister sites; this one gets millions of people passing through it would make sense to monopolize the code forum.
@resident admin couldchange domain name, and create a sub domain for c++, one for Java ect. (could meaning it is possible, nothing else)

if there are any other users up for a petition, we could start something, so far there are two explicit yeses and no explicit nos (Wow, the spelling looks weird, anyone got a better word)
Changing the domain name is not quite a simple task. There's some things to consider and account for. Not to mention it would completely change the audience of the site. A lot of traffic here is for the excellent documentation housed here. If it was changed to genericprogrammingsite.com, I believe it would lose a lot of traffic.
@ Resident true, but I see no harm in creating another section (or two) to the forum.
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I have to agree with Resident here. Changing the domain name is no little thing, and doing so would lose a huge amount of the traffic that knows cplusplus.com. It would also cause problems with the google SEO and other marketing related issues.

The only solution would be to have a sister site opened up for a different language and or all other languages. That doesn't mean that the admin has to make the site though it could be made by anyone here and you could pention the admin to include a link or banner for the sister site and affiliate with it. That would be the only option in my opinion. If there is enough interest in another website like this one for other language (Hint: C# ;p) I would be interested in contributing either by providing a hosting environment for the website or helping setting one up.
wooh forum project :D

It would be good for this site if; when we ask admin to put up banners, it can point out that its forum members made the site for the other languages all by their clever c++ endorsed lonesomes.
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Again if someone did setup the website I wouldn't count on an endorsement from the admin or for him/her to affiliate this site with a new site. Most likely this site is a business and quite a good one since this site has a big traffic flow. You would have to prove you have the start up community and are able to get your own members instead of just piggy backing off his/her website and stealing his/her members ;p
well if there's money in c++ there's money in java etc, And there would be nothing better than a successful site to endorse the new one.

EDIT: they got a winning formula they can keep
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Sub domains are nothing more than redirects to other directories on a host so it would look pretty goofy to have java.cplusplus.com or cplusplus.com/java as the forums could be cplusplus.com/forum or forum.cplusplus.com for example. Technically the lounge is the only place you could technically talk about other languages as Beginner, Windows, Unix/Linux, and General are all C++ oriented.

Also, note that if they added forums for Java/C# etc they would start getting asked to add D, Python, Lua, and other language forums. Adding any non C++ forums would force them to change domain names to a more generic domain name.
Dumping Java stuff in the lounge would work.

I've not had luck with any java-specific forums in the past...I'm not mentioning any URL's here, but most of their users came off a bit snobbish. In the past few years I've not visited any sites, but rather just learned what I needed to know from the JDK source*...and I've got to tell you, that was the best java decision that I ever made, apart from not recommending Java as a code-base for new customers.

*The JDK source is actually quite easy to follow.
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Well look at my issue a few days ago that lead to me realizing my issue was program design and not the languages. I posted it in the lounge and got some great feedback from everyone. Chances are that someone that has learned C++ has also dabbled with another (BASIC was my very first language learned in my computer courses in 7th and 8th grade) or experienced guys probably have learned other languages (which is what I'm doing now). I'm more comfortable asking questions here than I am anywhere else because the users here don't come off with the "God, you have no clue what you are doing, just give up!"
there is a java forum if you google it. like this forum, i found a good java forum via google search.

i originally learned java in school last semester, but felt i should take c++ and searched for a forum like this one after i exhausted myself trying to figure out what i did wrong.
+1 for just asking Java stuff in the lounge. With people like rapidcoder and others there are plenty of experienced Java programmers here.
Call yourself problem solvers! pfft you lot should hang your little coding heads in shame, I've actually got it...

under or above lounge, under beginners c++, under general c++ we have an "Other languages help section"

Petition for that and we will have a new place to play :D I would like a brass plack in it with a comment dedicated to devonrevenge, 'for being oh so clever amongst other great qualities he has to...'
No because if they added section for other languages it would no longer be a C++ site, but a generic programming site. This is why it is safe for doing it in the lounge as it keeps from adding non-c++ forums so the site will stay cplusplus.com and the programmers can help others in the lounge while helping those seeking C++ help in the other forums.
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