Does logic say that there could be a 'thing' that is the opposite of logic and a 'specific' way unlogic works?

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yeah if we are behaving illogically we just got made a logical mistake somewhere down the line and appear illogical, we are different in our brainboxes to a degree i agree, Ooh cool little poll:

are you Kiki or Booba?

(which word do you think is spiky and which do you think is cloud shaped)

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"Anti-logic", as some have called it, doesn't really exists. If you believe that anti-logic exists, you've made a logical decision that lead you to believe that anti-logic exists. If you make a seemingly anti-logic decision, you had to have made some logical decision to think illogically. For instance, "if X is logical and Y is also logical, then Z must be illogical so I'll make the illogical decision" implies that you've made the logical decision that X and Y are illogical which lead to the logical decision that Z is illogical.

My opinion: humans can only think logically. Thinking about illogic is logical thinking. Therefore, thinking is a logical action whether you intend it to be or not. Any form of decision is logical. Anti-logic is simply an attempt to counteract a logical decision with a counter logical argument to prove that a logical decision is illogical, which is logical.

Too much logic going on in this thread.

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I don't agree that humans can only think logically. I don't consider intuition or emotion to be logical because IMO logic requires conscious thought, while intuition and emotion are often unconscious.
Split brain patients can only recognize the left half of a persons face. They're unable to recall any descriptors in their right vision field. Moreover, they're entirely unaware that anything is different.
Logic, I believe, is a utility we all individually create on our own to attempt to consciously understand things we can't possibly consciously comprehend.
It can only get more philosophical from here, though.
while intuition and emotion are often unconscious.

Any how do you know that there isn't a set logical process occurring under the hood of your subconscious? Just because you don't observe it directly doesn't mean its not there.
ModShop wrote:
Any how do you know that there isn't a set logical process occurring under the hood of your subconscious?

I think most of us call it "common sense" -- something that can't be quantified, taught / learned, or explained. People either have it or they don't. It seems to be a very rare gift!

ModShop wrote:
Just because you don't observe it directly doesn't mean its not there.

Perhaps it's not there with most people...hmm....
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It doesn't make sense to call emotion logical or illogical, at least without some context. Logical or illogical only really makes sense when your talking about decision making or thinking in general I guess.

Asking wether emotion itself is logical, is like asking wether eyelids are logical. They are as logical as a sandwich. You may ask wether it would be logical to give us eyelids, but then your wandering into the realm of religion or evolution. I suppose you could say emotion was a logical addition to the human structure, if your religious. Otherwise, no decision was made wether we have emotions or not, it just developed over time.

But decisions based on emotion, are just that. It is possible to base a decision on a combination of emotion and logic. It is even possible that your emotions and your logic are based around the same cause effect or set of consequences, in some way.

Generally we distinguish emotional motivation from logical motivation.
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