To what extent do you believe this is possible?

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Excellent. Well, happy trolling, anyway.

This post marks the last of my involvement with this topic.
Gary Late Bloomer wrote:
I can assure you that I could potentially create a Windows 7 comparable OS in ten years max...
and you would still be behind the curve.
I wonder what he writes in the Report box.
This thread:

Gary: "Do you guys think this is theoretically possible?"
Everyone: "No"
Gary: "Noobs! I could do it."
^^ Heh. Disch knows.
Thread can be closed now.

This account has limited functionality.
This was likely due to the user being reported by not following some specific rules for a service in this website.
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Looks like he's still managing to report people though.
Someone ninja-reported him :C

Let me guess, was it the real spoon licker or just a random troll who knew about it somewhere here?

Oh that doesn't matter, our high post count allows us to lock his account without efforts, we just need to recognize trollers from serious people (which isn't even a bit hard). ^^
And I keep getting reported.

It might have been spoonlicker, who knows.
That was a stunning lack of ingenuity for a it was about the same level as the original spoon licker.
How exactly does the post count/removed thing work?

I'm sure I've asked before, but never got a definite answer.

I removed a couple of that guys posts by reporting them. Including one under his new alias plus a new topic he created. Yet when I got reported it just got highlighted.

Anyone know how it works?
If you have over a certain number of post counts, you get the power to remove on report. If you don't have that power, it just marks the post as reported. I believe the threshold is 1000 posts.
I'm not sure if it is just trusted members or member with a high post count but if you report someone with a low count their post is removed if they get a number of such reports their account is locked.

if you have a higher count it is just highlighted as being reported.

It would be nice if removed posts has a place holder saying that it was removed as some threads don't make sense after. It would also be nice to see who reported whom and why...more for curiosity than anything.
Grey Wolf, I'm gonna report a post of yours to test this theory. Don't be mad :)

Yup, so people of higher post count will not be removed. Wonder at what point you get the power though. What if spoonlicker has been trying to create a bunch of bogus threads (like he does) just to get the post count high and start just destroying threads? :O
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Haha, what was the theory? You can't remove posts of those with a higher post count that you?

EDIT: Try reporting mine, Resi. See if it'll disappear.
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Nope, your's is still there. So I'm assuming you just can't remove someone's post who has the power to remove posts.
Maybe. Or maybe you can only remove posts of people under a certain count?
When you report a post and that person has very few posts, it removes their post, even if it is the first post in a thread. If there are no replies, it just removes the thread (good for thwarting spambots) but in some cases it can lead to people going on strike and reporting the post of everyone they don't agree with.
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I know I reported someone with about 1x posts when I was around 400 posts or so and they got removed so not sure when it starts but I know its less then 1000.
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